Newcastle Robotics Laboratory academic members, student and associate researchers (NUbots)


Robotics Lab Members

Academic Chief Investigators

Associates and Collaborators

  • Kenny Hong, Facial expression recognition, image analysis
  • Aarash Jalalian, Pedestrian detection, medical image analysis
  • Steven Nicklin, Localisation, fractal analysis techniques
  • Oliver Obst, 3D-simulation development, CSIRO, Sydney
  • Peter Walla, Neuroscience, University of Vienna

Student Project Members

  • Bilal Abedalguni (PhD student), Multiagent reinforcement learning
  • Shashank Bhatia (PhD student), Robot learning and signal processing
  • Jake Fountain (Honours Student)
  • Trent Houliston (Masters Student), Software Engineering
  • Josiah Walker (PhD student), NUbots team leader
  • Lukasz Wiklendt (PhD student), Spiking neural networks
  • Aaron Wong (PhD student), Manifold learning, robot emotions

Support and Adjoints

  • Alexandre Mendes, Computer Science and Software Engineering, HoD and Marketing Coordinator, NUbots, CIBM
  • Jenny Taylor, Partnerships and International Officer (for marketing enquiries), Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
  • Peter Turner, Electrical Engineering Lab Manager

NUbot Team Student Members

Josiah Walker (NUbot team leader, PhD student)

Brendan Annable (Undergrad student)

Trent Houliston (Masters student) Taylor Johnson (Undergrad student)
Alex Biddulph (Undergrad student) Jordan Johnson (Undergrad student)
Andrew Dabson (Undergrad student) Anita Sugo (Undergrad student)
Jake Fountain (Honours student) Mitchell Metcalfe (Undergrad student)

NUbot Team Academic Mentors and Supervisors

  • Stephan Chalup (Head of the robotics lab), Computer Science & Software Engineering
  • Robert King, Statistics
  • Alexandre Mendes, Computer Science and Software Engineering
  • Peter Turner, Electrical Engineering