Information for prospective sponsors of the Newcastle Robotics Laboratory (NUbots)


Prospective Sponsors

By sponsoring the Newcastle Robotics Laboratory which hosts the NUbots you will be given the opportunity to:

  • Be involved with cutting edge research into robotics and machine intelligence.
  • Support a team of some of the most talented students of our University.
  • Be part of the exciting national and international RoboCup initiative. This is an annual large-scale high profile technology (and sports) event which attracts a lot of publicity. It involves many of the best robotics research groups and centres from around the world.

The Newcastle Robotics Laboratory hosts the NUbot competition team and is engaged in a variety of robotics research projects and associated publicity events. During the last three years the laboratory has published a series of research articles and is attracting excellent students and researchers. With your help we will further and quickly advance the applications of robotics related technologies, demonstrate students' skills and enthusiasm for new technology and connect to the public.

Following the tremendous success of our research group and the competition team in the past six years we seek sponsoring partners to be able to continue and expand our activities. Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Support of our student competition team to be able to participate in the yearly RoboCup event.
  • Summer scholarships for undergraduate students, which encourages new undergraduate students to research and prepare for competitions. We are seeking summer scholarships at a cost of approx $3,000 per student.
  • Masters/PhD scholarships. To encourage postgraduate students to do research and development in the robotics lab, we require research scholarships at a cost of $20,000 per year per student for 3 years. Linkage with external industry projects are possible (see more details below).
  • Postdoctoral positions. Some of our current research students would like to continue their work in the Newcastle Robotics Lab after finishing their theses and degrees, and for these highly skilled researchers we require funding for a postdoctoral position. Linkage with interested industry collaborators is encouraged.
  • For the next few years we are planning a series of new research projects in application areas related to robotics, signal processing, and artificial intelligence. By becoming a sponsoring partner you can become involved in the development of exiting new technologies for the future.

Benefits for sponsors can include, for example:

  • Company web recognition
  • Story in the faculty's newsletter EBE News and on the Faculty website
  • Company logo on team T-shirts and website
  • Invitation to faculty donor event
  • Research collaboration with our highly skilled team of experts

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has a grant scheme to support collaboration between industry and university. Through this scheme collaborative projects can receive substantial leverage on initial cash contributions. There is a possibility to pursue this kind of grant as part of your sponsorship.

Note that the NUbots are a high profile group which achieved world champion titles in 2006 and in 2008 (as part of the NUManoids team). They have attracted outstanding media attention in press, radio, TV, live TV, nationally and internationally with a circulation of over a million in past years.

"To discuss possibilities of research collaboration and/or sponsorship please contact the head of the Robotics Lab A/Prof. Stephan Chalup.

For more information on how sponsorship can be of benefit to your organisation please contact Ryan Jeffery.