For Undergraduate students the facilities we offer and the access available to these for all of our students makes our priority research centre unique amongst those offering opportunities for students in Energy.

Priority Research Centre for


Undergraduate students

At the Priority Research Centre (PRC) for Energy we are focused on a challenging contemporary issue: the management of greenhouse gas emissions. Research and development opportunities available in this area are expanding now, and will continue well into the future.

The facilities and student access to these facilities make the PRC for Energy unique among research centres offering opportunities for students.

At the PRC for Energy, we involve students in all steps of developing new ideas - from fundamental research through to experimental implementation. This experience and the building of valuable skills under the supervision of experienced practitioners, will be invaluable to all students whether their employment aims are industrial, academic or research based.

The main building of the Priority Research Centre for Energy, which is located in the Advanced Technology Centre building, contains state-of-the-art laboratories while further laboratories affiliated with the Centre are located within the University of Newcastle campuses and off campus.

The PRC for Energy offers undergraduate students a chance to implement their training in a hands-on environment, giving them experience useful to their future course and to their future beyond their undergraduate degree.

For undergraduate students at the University of Newcastle, participation in this program will also count towards the compulsory industry experience required by the Chemical Engineering undergraduate degree. This opportunity also allows students to network with more experienced researchers, in order to give more accurate ideas about the demands and opportunities of research beyond the undergraduate degree.

Summer Research Internship

The PRC for Energy has a focus on undergraduate students in research positions, operating a summer internship program since the Centre was founded in late 2006.

These openings are for third-year chemical engineering and chemistry students, allowing them an opportunity to be involved in research projects undertaken in the Centre's laboratories. The training or research positions will normally be 10-weeks in duration during Dec-Feb (if you come from a country in the southern hemisphere) or May-August (if you come from a country in the northern hemisphere). The positions are open to students from anywhere in the world.

To be considered, your academic performance needs to place you in the top 10% of your class. This corresponds, for example, to an average grade of distinction in Australia, a Grade Point Average of more than 3.5 in the United States and Canada, or A CPI of more than 8.6 at IITs in India. If you come from a non-English University you need to demonstrate your fluency in the English language for example: by providing IELTS or TOEFL scores.

The Centre will fund your living allowance in the amount of $500 (AUD) per week and reimburse you for a round-trip economy air ticket to Australia. However, you will need to purchase medical insurance in your native country, prior to arriving in Australia. The PRC for Energy also invites applications from students in other engineering and science disciplines (e.g. Electrical, Mechanical and Civil engineering and in Architecture and Physics).