The PRC for Energy has a variety of opportunities for students applying for a PhD. Our students will be mentored by internationally recognised researchers.

Priority Research Centre for


PhD Students

The Priority Research Centre (PRC) for Energy, has a variety of research opportunities for students gaining their PhD.

To be eligible for a research position with the Priority Research Centre for Energy,  your academic performance should place you in the top 10% of your class. This corresponds, for example, to an average grade of distinction in Australia, GPA of more than 3.5 in the US and Canada, or CPI of more than 8.6 at IITs in India. Your academic performance should place you in the top 10% of your class.

Students will be mentored by internationally recognised researchers and developers, and will get an opportunity to form contacts through the University and industrial groups, as well as opening future research opportunities within the Centre.

The research areas of the PRC for Energy include:

  • Clean coal technologies
  • The research, development and commercialisation of technologies which reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Industrial ecology
  • Energy efficient housing
  • Energy efficient treatment of contaminated soil
  • Sustainability principles and measurement
  • Energy minimisation and recovery
  • Environmental repair and pollution abatement

These are cutting edge fields of research and development, with applications in academic, industrial and research sectors.

The students of the PRC for Energy come from international and Australian backgrounds; some have completed undergraduate degrees at the University of Newcastle, with others having gained overseas qualifications from countries that include Indonesia through to India and Jordan.

The international mix of students at the PRC for Energy, is reflected in the academics who supervise them, with many having also gained qualifications or studied extensively overseas. These international relationships also extend to the visiting academics we have international partnerships with and the international conferences, which form a vital part of the PRC for Energy's aims.

Express your interest

Please send your curriculum vitae together with transcripts of your undergraduate marks and research interests to:

Centre Director - Professor Eric Kennedy

Enquiries about specific research opportunities can be made by directly contacting an academic from your field of interest.

General Enquiries
Bernadette Rossiter
T: +61 2 4985 4455