The PRC for Energy offers Masters students the opportunity to be a part of and join the cutting edge research into sustainable energy solutions and at the same time be supervised by internationally renowned academics.

Priority Research Centre for


Masters students

The Priority Research Centre (PRC) for Energy offers an opportunity for students to join the cutting edge research into sustainable energy solutions, while being supervised by internationally renowned academics who are experienced in development, processing, modelling and the commercialisation of ideas.

The Centre also offers three state of the art laboratories directly within the main body of the Centre with comfortable student office space located around the laboratories, as well as a number of other affiliated laboratories within the University of Newcastle and off-campus.

The PRC for Energy has a variety of opportunities for prospective Masters students which includes scholarships funded by the Centre's academics as well as tuitions waivers, which are provided by the University to qualified applicants.

To be considered for a Masters, your academic performance needs to place you in the top 10% of your graduating class. This corresponds for example to a average grade of distinction in Australia, a Grade Point Average (GPA) of more than 3.5 in the United States and Canada or a CPI of more than 8.6 at IITs in India.

Express your interest

Please send your curriculum vitae together with transcripts of your undergraduate marks and research interests to:

Centre Director - Professor Eric Kennedy

Enquiries about specific research opportunities can be made by directly contacting an academic from your field of interest.

General Enquiries
Bernadette Rossiter
T: +61 2 4985 4455