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Chemeca2008 was held in Newcastle, Australia, and was headlined with 'Towards a Sustainable Australasia'. National and international presentations were showcased, and visitors reflected this mix.

Chemeca2008 contained presentations by Mr Jeff Cohen, Senior Manager for the US EPA's Office of Atmoshperic Programs, Professor Richard Darton, Professor Max Lu, Mr Garry Willgoose an ARC Australian Professorial Fellow since 2006, and Professor Roe-Hoan Yoon.

Sustainability Forum

On the 10th of September 2008, the University of Newcastle held a Sustainability Forum, to explore topics related to the future of the University of Newcastle in terms of planning for the environmentally sustainable future. The Forum was addressed by Vice Chancellor Professor Nicholas Saunders, and by the Founder of Planet Ark Mr John Dee. Vice Chancellor Professor Nicholas Saunders stressed the great steps already taken by the University of Newcastle in terms of limiting energy expenditure, and reinforced the Universities position as one of the leaders in this field in Australia.

Mr John Dee founder of Planet Ark gave a PowerPoint presentation to the forum, and highlighted his belief in the future widespread use of hydrogen fuel cells. He presented historical uses of hydrogen as fuel, as well as current innovations such as the BMW 750hL hydrogen powered car, which has been dubbed the Hydrogen 7.

Mr Dee also reinforced the importance of beginning environmentally sustainable solutions now, to protect the fragile ecosystems of earth for future generations.

He put a focus on the small steps taken by individuals as a way to influence lasting environmental sustainability, including simple steps such as:

  • Dry clothing on a clothes line, rather then using machine dryer
  • Water safety shower heads
  • Proper insulation for houses, mimising the need for heating and cooling using electricity

He also raised the issue of the consequences of food waste. The methane gases produced by the decomposing food are on the of the leading producers of greenhouse gases, affecting global warming. He stated that Australians annually waste 3 million tonnes of food, which not only costs the environment but is also a growing financial burden.

In order to gain a greater understanding of the opinions of the wider Staff and Students of the University the group was split into four sub sections, who then reported their three main objectives back to the main body of the forum. These were then passed onto Vice Chancellor Professor Nicholas Saunders, and the committees and groups concerned with creating an environmentally sustainable University.

Federal Minister tour of PRCfE

Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research toured the Priority Research Centre for Energy. As part of this tour, the Minister was shown the Laboratories and equipment utilised by the Centre in research and development programs.

The Minister was also shown examples of equipment in use and listened with interest to explanations by the academics of the PRCfE about current research and innovation as well as future plans.

After the tour the Minister engaged in discussions with the Vice Chancellor Professor Nick Saunders, Professor John Carter, Sharon Grierson MP Federal Member for Newcastle and the Director and Co-Directors of the PRCfE.

The Minister expressed his approval of the important work of the PRCfE, calling it one of the 'top centres in the country'.

Harry C Bigglestone Award

This year Professor Bogdan Dlugogorski, Director of the PRCfE and Professor Eric Kennedy, a Co-Director of the PRCfE, along with Ted Schaefer of Solberg Asian Pacific were the recipients of the prestigious National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) award, the Harry C Bigglestone Award for their paper "Pressure-Loss Correlations for Designing Foam Proportioning Systems". This Award is presented annually to a paper deemed to have demonstrated excellence in the communication of fire protections concepts, published in the NFPA publication Fire Technologies.

Harry C. Bigglestone served as a trustee of the Fire Protection Research Foundation and was chair of the NFPA committee on Central Station Signally Systems and was a Fellow of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.

Korean Delegation Sign MOU

On 23 July 2008, Dr Heemoon Eum Director General of the Power Generation Laboratory and Dr Singchul Kim, Manager of the Oxy-Fuel Project from the Korean Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Newcastle enabling the two parties to continue their close work on oxy-fuel development and research.

Prior to this the Drs had presented a seminar on "Power Generation in Korea and Oxy-Fuel Developments", before engaging in technical discussions with academics, including many from the PRCfE.

After the signing of the MOU Dr Eum and Dr Kim were shown on a tour of two of the laboratories of the PRCfE, and held discussions with the academic staff of the Centre regarding future future involvements, including a proposed seminar to be held in Korea and closer involvement of the PRCfE in the OxyFuel Working Group.

Memorandum of Understanding Signed

The University of Newcastle and InterTech Systems Pty Ltd have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at a meeting hosted by the Priority Research Centre for Energy. The MOU acts as a written statement of the intention for collaboration between the two parties.

The signing of the MOU was witnessed by the Honourable Robert Katter, Member for Kennedy.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the University of Newcastle; Professor Barney Glover, Professor John Carter, Professor Bogdan Dlugogorski, Mr Andrew Johnson, Professor Eric Kennedy, Dr Michael Stockenhuber and Professor Terry Wall, InterTech Systems; Dr Shad Linley, Dr Darryl Smith, Mr Phillip Hall, Ms Jane Apfel and Dr John Glastonbury, Delta EMD; Mr Steven Elliott and Jacobs Australia Pty Ltd; Mr Barrie Hall.

A meeting was held preceding the signing, chaired by Dr Shad Linley of InterTech Systems Pty Ltd. During the meeting Mr Phillip Hall of InterTech Systems Pty Ltd presented the current layout and plans for development of Intertech System's proposed Asia Pacific Clean Coal Alliance, while Professor Dlugogorski, Professor Kennedy and Dr Stockenhuber discussed their recent tour of the InterTech Research Centre.

Following these discussions the Honourable Robert Katter addressed the meeting, stressing the importance of research and development into clean coal and reiterating the growing need for new technologies, particularly in the mining sector.

Professor Barney Glover and Mr Phillip Hall as representatives of the University of Newcastle and InterTech Systems Pty Ltd respectively then signed the MOU.