The Religion in Political Life Research Group investigates religion's dynamic interactions with democratic authority, radicalism, gender and the legacies of co


About us

Today, religions are increasingly caught between political reaction and radicalism: the same religious system – whether Christian, Islamic or Jewish – can foster support of an oppressive status quo and yet undermine that state. This tension between religious reaction and radicalism, which takes place within and between religious traditions, is the focus of the Religion and Radicalism Research Network.

The Network brings together a group of internationally recognized, leading-edge researchers based in the School of Humanities and Social Science in the Faculty of Education and Arts at the University of Newcastle. The theme goes to the core of the research passions of each member, drawing them together in a unique and precise fashion. It unites research in left-wing radicalism, Islam, feminism and gender politics, radical European pietism, Australian politics, and the challenges that emerge from the midst of and philosophy and religious thought. This network takes to a new level our engagement in global debate concerning this interaction between religion and politics. We seek to propel the debate in vital new directions and promote urgently needed public understanding.

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