The Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS) engages in research focused on the complex political, economic, social, cultural and environmental processes and relations that are transforming cities and regions.

Centre for

PhD and Research Masters

The Centre welcomes applications from prospective Masters and PhD students. To be considered, you will need to be fully fluent in English and have achieved excellent results in your undergraduate studies. For example, an average grade of distinction in Australia, a GPA of more than 3.5 in the US and Canada, or a CPI of more than 8.6 in India.

Current Projects

  • Constructing the global city (Elizabeth Adamczyk)
  • Climate change impacts on the livelihood of women in the disaster vulnerable areas of Bangladesh: responses to adaptation strategies for a sustainable future (Muhammad Asaduzzaman)
  • An emotional geography of HIV/AIDS development work in PNG (Jack Aisbett)
  • Performing'nature' in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park through management (Sarah Bell)
  • Fleeing persecution- immigration experiences of the Hazara (Elise Briggs)
  • Critical and social movement relevant research with autonomy-oriented social movements (Lara Daley)
  • Economicjustice and ethics in the food economy: food sovereignty economies in Spain (Rhyall Gordon)
  • Re-making:the ontological politics of environmental management (Ryan Jones)
  • Itinerant understandings, travelling policy: chronic homelessness in and beyond Australian cities (Thomas Baker)
  • Making peace With the Orange Roughy: truth and reconciliation for a fish (Matthew Coxhill)
  • Refugees in Newcastle - Who cares? (Faith Curtis)
  • Repairing, renovating and renewing the urban assemblage (Rupert Doney)
  • Volunteer tourism and the third space/borderlands (Phoebe Everingham)
  • A mall, a mosque and Martin Place: publics, publicness and space (Adam Tyndall)
  • More-than-useful geographies of gardens in public housing: (e)valu(at)ing everyday practices and stories of gardens, home and community (Nicola Vaughan)
  • Do the ties really bind? Understanding social networks of Sudanese refugees in regional Australia (Lisa Webber)
  • An interdisciplinary investigation into the experience and impacts of living with drought for three generations of Australian women (Jane Rich)

Recently Completed RHD Projects

  • Prosaics of interagency human service delivery: the potentialities of peopled, practised and caring states (Louise Askew)
  • Development discourse and the postcolonial challenge: the case of Fiji's aid industry (Paul Hodge)
  • Making the Southern Ocean: exploring political and post-humanist geographies of marine space (Jill Sweeney)
  • Cities of possibility: performing care-full urban justice (Miriam Williams)