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About us

The Centre for Social Research in Energy and Resources (CSRER) is dedicated to researching the social dimensions of energy and resources, with researchers providing social perspectives in a variety of environmental, energy and resource areas including carbon emissions, water and industrial ecology.

Our expertise covers challenges including community engagement, social protest and policy, and regulatory dynamics.

We aim to cement Australia's leading contribution to energy and resources research by conducting reliable, relevant and timely social scientific research. Our research aids the development, management and sustainable use of energy and resources globally and helps ensure that organisational decision-making and policy debate on energy resources is informed by the best evidence and ideas.

The advantages of working with CSRER

We are leveraging the power of genuine excellence and innovation across the sciences to deliver innovative and workable research outcomes. We draw on a solid foundation of working in an international framework that aligns with the University's future strategic direction.

Engineers & wind energyNIER is at the hub of energy and resources research in Australia. CSRER brings to NIER an array of social research scholars from across multiple disciplines. This approach combines the best of the University's expertise. We offer to the mix of natural and physical sciences truly innovative social science including Actor-Network Theory, New Economic Sociology and Positioning Theory. With this approach we are well placed to meet the challenges posed by energy and resources issues.

How CSRER operates

Clean energy now CSRER will contribute to industry change processes through leading research, evaluation and impact studies, undertaking social network analysis and conducting empirically supported research.

It will contribute to postgraduate teaching, professional education, research-orientated consulting, and rapid evidence reviews. CSRER will have global reach, with particular experience in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

How CSRER can work with you

Cut carbon pollution Our research team will deliver a range of options tailored to your project, timeframes and budget, and outline the advantages and disadvantages of each. The approach we take is to deliver maximum value to our research partners in the energy and resources sector. We are able to do this as the structure of CSRER within NIER brings with it the obvious benefit of scale and knowledge sharing.

We know that you seek to work with outstanding scientists in their field and this is what we deliver. We will work with you to define the kind of research that delivers the outcomes you require to move your project forward.