Key Word Sign Australia is located in the Special Education Centre at the University of Newcastle, NSW. Key Word Sign Australia acts as the co-ordinating body f



NSW workshops

For NSW workshops, visit Key Word Sign NSW:

South Australia workshops

For information regarding workshops in South Australia:

T: (08) 8243 8365
F: (08) 8243 8377

Victoria workshops

Key Word Sign and Gesture - Basic Workshop

Learn Key Word Sign and Gesture in a Basic Signing Workshop.

Workshops are available in the Melbourne metropolitan area and Geelong, or workshops can be delivered on-site to suit your individualised needs. 

For more information, contact  Key Word Sign - Victoria:

Phone/Fax:  (03) 9899 8684


Key Word Sign - Victoria can conduct basic and refresher workshops across Melbourne and in some country areas of Victoria. 

If you would like to run your own Signing workshop tailored to your organisational needs, Key Word Sign Victoria can link you with a trained presenter from your area.  You will need to provide the training venue and equipment. For further information contact Key Word Sign Victoria on above number.


Courses on all aspects of AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) - including Advanced Courses in Key Word Sign and Gesture available through CRC (Communication Resource Centre).

T:  (03) 9843 2003


For information about these sessions, please contact Ella Keesing on (03) 9833 3472.

Western Australia workshops

Please contact Sabrina de Beer or Kerry Revell regarding workshops in Western Australia.


Workshop Types

 Key Word Sign offers a number of different types of signing workshops.

  • Basic Workshops - These basic workshops are aimed at parents, carers or professionals who want a sound introduction to key word signing.  Typically, a number of basic workshops are run throughout the year in the capital cities or occasionally in regional centres.
  • In-House Workshops - These are basic workshops that have been tailored for your organisation.  The trained presenter will come to your organisation and present a workshop for your staff.
  • Presenter Training - An intensive four day workshop aimed at giving people the skills to prepare and present a Basic Signing Workshop.

Basic Signing Workshop

The Basic Signing Workshop provides an introduction to key word signing.  The workshops run for a full day (six hrs) or two half day sessions.  The workshops introduce the theoretical basis of using sign and gesture and will allow time for participants to become competent at producing approximately 80 signs.

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • explain the difference between Key Word Sign, Auslan and Signed English
    sign for at least 80 signs
  • select vocabulary for individual clients
  • have an understanding of sign production techniques
  • know where to find resources and follow up support in the use of key word sign and natural gesture

Presenter Training

Presenter Training is a four day workshop aimed at giving people the skills to be able to prepare and present a Basic Signing Workshop.  Presenter Training workshops cover the theory and practice of key word signing.

Overall Objectives for Presenter Training

By the end of the four day Presenter Training course, participants will be competent in presenting a Basic Signing Workshop which demonstrates:

  • a firm theoretical understanding of Key Word Sign & Gesture (KWS&G) in relation to aided and other unaided Alternative and Augmentative systems and strategies
  • familiarity with resources and current research supporting use of KWS&G
  • familiarity with the structure of the KWS&G workshop and the ability to modify the workshop to meet the needs of specific participant groups
  • a clear understanding of the practical issues inherent in introducing and teaching KWS&G within specific learning environments
  • application of the principles of adult learning
  • an understanding of clear and accurate signing models and instruction.