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Renwick Centre

RIDBC Renwick Centre

The Renwick Centre is an affiliated Centre of the University of Newcastle that is administered by, and located within, the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) in Sydney.

The Renwick Centre provides:



Firstchance is a not for profit organisation which operates both Early Childhood Intervention and School Aged Programs. Firstchance runs its programs with a combination of government grants, parent fees and money raised through fundraising activities. All Firstchance programs have a family-centred approach to the provision of services and operate according to the philosophy that all children should receive the best possible opportunities to promote optimal development.


The Early Childhood Intervention Program

The Early Childhood Intervention - Professional Development Project is part of the Stronger Together initiative of ADHC.  The central aim of this project is to provide a practical step-by-step process for staff working in early childhood intervention services and education that will maximise the social and communicative involvement of the children they support.


Key Word Sign Australia 

Key Word Sign Australia

Key Word Sign Australia acts as the co-ordinating body for  Key Word Sign activities throughout Australia and aims to:
  • Promote and develop the use of key word signing throughout Australia, for the benefit of people with communication difficulties.
  • Support a state network of Key Word Sign Representatives.
  • Ensure a high standard of training of Key Word Sign Presenters.
  • Up-date and develop new  key word signing resources appropriate to Australia.
  • Provide for the sale and distribution of Key Word Sign resources across Australia.
  • Be a source of information on all maters relating to key word signing in Australia.



National Disability Coordination Officer

Transitioning into training, education and employment are important steps for all students. If you are a person with disability aged 15 to 64, you can receive support with this transition through the National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) program.