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Many Rivers Diabetes Prevention


The Many Rivers Diabetes Prevention Project is an initiative of Durri ACMS in Kempsey NSW in response to high rates of Diabetes in Aboriginal Communities.

"To prevent children from growing up to get Diabetes"

The project is governed by:

* University of Newcastle
* Biripi ACMS in Taree
* Durri ACMS in Kempsey

It also draws expertise from Universities of Wollongong and Sydney, in particular Associate Professor Vicki Flood.

Aboriginal Community Controlled Governance Structure

Processes to support community control

* MOU's / data access agreements
* Co-management of the project
* Community directed not "tweaking the mainstream"
* Intellectual property:
     - Authorship
     - Acknowledgements
     - Other
* Return of data to community

Health Promotion Strategies


Thank you to the Children of Taree, Kempsey and the Lower Hunter and their families.
Thank you to Biripi, Durri and Awabakal AMSs
Thank you to the funding bodies:
     - Telstra foundation
     - Diabetes Australia
     - NSW Aboriginal Health Promotion Program
     - NHMRC
     - Eli Lilley
     - OATSIH
     - Centre for Aboriginal Health - NSW Health

KEMPSEY: Janice Smith
Janice is the Many Rivers project officer based at Durri ACMS in Kempsey.
(w) 02 6560 2351
(m) 0428 239 707

KEMPSEY: Nicole Turner
Nicole is the Manager Health Promotion and is based at Durri ACMS in Kempsey. 
(m) 0428 262 389

TAREE: Lynette Syron
Lynette is the Many Rivers project officer based at Biripi ACMS in Taree.
(w) 02 6551 2088 
(m) 0429 450 614

NEWCASTLE: Josephine Gwynn
Josephine is the Manager Research and Evaluation and is based at the University of Newcastle.
(w) 02 4913 8745
(m) 0414 584 375