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International Studies in Widening Participation

The CEEHE journal, International Studies in Widening Participation, is an open access interdisciplinary journal. The journal aims to publish scholarly work on equity, access and excellence in widening student participation in tertiary education globally. The journal aims to engage academics, practitioners, and students on a wide range of topics related to widening participation.


International Studies in Widening Participation journal welcomes academics, researchers, practitioners, and students to contribute manuscript on policies, practices, case studies, and qualitative and quantitative studies undertaken on a diverse range of topics related to access, equity, widening participation, underprivileged and minority students, and issues around academic quality and outcomes.

Volume of Publication

International Studies in Widening Participation aims to publish two volumes per year. An author can only publish or be part of one paper per volume. The inaugural volume of papers can be found at the journal website.


Associate Professor Mahsood Shah
The University of Newcastle