The Centre for Complex Dynamic Systems and Control specialises in design, control and analysis and performance optimisation for complex dynamic systems.

Priority Research Centre for

Control System Design

Maria Seron Programme Leader
Graham Goodwin Deputy Programme Leader

Programme Goals

Control System Design is a mature discipline. Surprisingly, however, the existing methodologies tend to be limited to relative standard problems, e.g. linear, unconstrained and with centralized architectures. As soon as one departs from these settings one is soon faced with severe difficulties.

Unfortunately many real world problems fall into these, so called, 'complex' problems. These problems include such features as nonlinear and non-smooth behaviour, high state dimension and lack of convexity. This Programme is aimed at addressing these issues using alternative theoretical tools and in the context of modern computational methods.


  • Virtual Laboratories
  • Applications of Optimisation in Estimation and Control
  • Sampled Data Models for Linear and Nonlinear Systems
  • Robust MPC
  • Constrained Control and Estimation
  • Nonlinear Control
  • Quantised Control
  • Systematic Computation of Ultimate Bounds for Perturbed Systems
  • Fault Tolerant Control
  • Dissipativity Approach to Robustness in Constrained Model Predictive Control
  • Limitations in Feedback Control over Communications Channels
  • Performance Limitations in Distributed Control Systems