Ms Tracy Redhead

Ms Tracy Redhead

Senior Research Assistant

School of Creative Industries (Music)

Career Summary


Tracy is an interactive music producer, musician, composer, researcher and has been performing, recording and working in the contemporary music industry for over 15 years. During this time her original approach has seen collaborations with well-known musicians including John Butler, Brian Ritchie from ‘The Violent Femmes’ and Charlie Owen from the “Beasts of Bourbon”.

Tracy began working on a Master of Arts by Research in interactive music application formats in 2010. She designed her own interactive music app to release her next single and investigated how audiences might interact. She is currently working on a PhD producing musical works that explore interactive technologies and working as an Interactive music producer on projects involving gesture sensors and interactive VR / Oculus Rift. Recently in collaboration with husband Jonathan Rutherford, the pair won the European Commission funded Music Bricks incubation award.

She also works in the position of Senior Research Assistant for "The Economic and Cultural Value of Australian Music Exports" research project. The project funded by the Australian Research Council and Industry Partners Sounds Australia, Apra-Amcos, The Australia Council for the Arts. It is the first study of how Australian artists are developed internationally, be it through federal/state government, industry programs or their own initiative.

As a solo artist, Tracy has toured Australia extensively. She has released four albums including solo works and collaborations.  Her last solo Album received 4 stars in the Sydney Morning Herald and the first single “Where it Fits” received 10,000+ downloads and was play listed on Triple J, FBI, 3RRR and RTR Fm. Now based in Linz, Austria, she is currently an artist in residence at the Kapu Recording Studio and is collaborating with Australian Producer Sofie Loizou on a new music outfit Rochelle Salt. 

She has been lucky to work on many interesting projects including The International Space Time Concerto and is the founder of VROOM (Venue Resource of Original Music) an online national touring network created for AMIN (Australian Music Industry Network). She has held positions as Lecture in Music and Creative Industries, Online Lecturer for Master of Music Technology, Executive officer for the MMF (Music Managers Forum) and NACTMUS (National Council of Tertiary Music Schools), Administrator for Melody Management (Hoodoo Gurus) and Project Manager at MusicNSW.


  • Master of Arts, Queensland University of Technology


  • Composition
  • Dynamic Music
  • Immersive Music
  • Interactive Music Producer
  • Interactive Music Systems
  • Interactive Technologies
  • Music Exports
  • Music Industry



Year Award
2015 Music Bricks Incubation
Musicbricks - Music Tech Fest


For publications that are currently unpublished or in-press, details are shown in italics.

Journal article (1 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2015 Redhead T, 'Composing And Recording For Fluid Digital Music Forms', Journal on the Art of Record Production, (2015) [C1]

Conference (3 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2016 Redhead T, 'The Interactive Music Producer', (2016)
2013 Vella RJ, Walsh L, Scott NB, Redhead T, 'A Report on Collaborative Music Making at the University of Newcastle Conservatorium of Music', Redefining the musical landscape: Inspired learning and innovation in music education - XIX National Conference Proceedings (2013) [E1]
Co-authors Richard Vella, Nathan Scott, Linda Walsh
2013 Vella R, Scott NB, Redhead T, 'Network Music Performance and the Global Context' (2013)
Co-authors Nathan Scott, Richard Vella

Creative Work (2 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2013 Redhead T, One Drop application (2013)
2008 Redhead T, Walking Home a Different Way (2008)

Thesis / Dissertation (1 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link

Research Projects

Cold Cut Immersive 2015 - 2016

GIRD - Gesture-based Interactive Remix Dancefloor 2015 - 2016

As technology changes the way we produce and experience music, it presents many creative challenges to musicians and the music industry. In this post digital environment musicians now have the tools and opportunity to completely reinvent forms of recorded music.

GIRD is a gestural based interactive audio and lighting system that allows audiences to remix, explore and interact with the music and lights through dancing and gestures.

GIRD also gives performers and producers tools to create interactive audio and musical works. The prototype consists of a glove containing IRCAM’s riot sensor, a max for live patch controller and 5 neo pixel LED lights.

The patch allows musicians and producers to design dynamic and fluid music that can be explored using gesture and movement.

The lighting in the environment plays a vital role. Using individually programmable LED “neo pixels” there are 5 individual lighting fixtures. The fixtures have several modes. 1) The lights can create atmosphere for the music. 2) Gesturally control the lighting 3) Provide interaction feedback to guide the user based on the music being interacted with.

This project began in September 2015 when Tracy Redhead and Jonathan Rutherford participated in a Hackathon at Music Tech Fest in Ljubljana #mtfcentral. Their idea was chosen for a 3 month incubation as part of the European Commission funded #musicbricks initiative.


This project has been funded by The Australian Research Council: LP150100709.

The project aims to investigate the cultural and economic value of Australian music exports. It will be the first methodical study on how Australian artists are developed internationally through government and industry programs. It intends to provide a detailed picture of entrepreneurial activity within and between industries, not-for-profit sectors and governments.

The project aims to assess the effects of globalisation and digitisation in the creation of a music export, and the impact of cultural and economic value chains on an Australian music export. The intended outcomes are strategies for improving the audibility and visibility of Australian music within increasingly complex international networks and systems of music production, consumption and governance.

Semantic Player 2016

Tracy is an artist collaborator with FAST Impact Project working with the team to develop a work  as a proof of concept / demo for the Semantic Player.

The project is a partnership between Queen Mary University, Oxford University and Nottingham University along with industry partners including the BBC, Abbey Road Studios, Audio Labs and Solid State Logic. More information can be found here 


Ms Tracy Redhead


Senior Research Assistant
Project Manager - CeCAR
School of Creative Industries
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