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  • PhD, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg - Germany, 24/07/2010
  • Master of Laws, University of Augsburg - Germany, 01/12/2007


Research keywords

  • Copyright Law
  • Creative industries
  • Information Technology Law

Research expertise

In the field of intellectual property law Rita's research focuses on a balanced approach to copyright in the digital environment, including copyright scope and exceptions online, enforcement and Internet service providers' liability issues, digital libraries and orphan works, authors' and performers' remuneration. She has been researching in this field for the last 8 years and has published numerous articles and book chapters in the field. She wrote several reports for the European Patent Office, Lithuanian government and South Korean governments. Rita also participated in coordinating European Academics' opinion against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which played an important role in European discussions on ACTA and its eventual rejection by the European Parliament.

Since 2007 Rita has been researching on the intersection of intellectual property and private international law. Her PhD thesis "Law Applicable to Copyright Infringements: A Comparison of the ALI and CLIP Proposals" was written in a prestigious Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law (Germany), was highly evaluated (summa cum laude) and published by Edward Elgar Pub. She also published several articles and book chapters in the area and participated in a number of conferences in the field. In 2011 she acquired a highly competitive grant from the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and continued her research in the area as a post-doctoral research fellow at Kyushu University (Japan). Since 2011, she was invited as a leader of a Sub-committee on Applicable Law and Intellectual Property Infringements at the International Law Association.

Since 2013 she has been researching the legal means for the protection of intangible and tangible cultural heritage. She been advising Lithuanian Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania on the issues relating to intangible cultural heritage as well as carrying other research projects relating to balanced enforcement of cultural heritage laws in Lithuania.


  • English
  • German
  • Lithuanian
  • Persian (Excluding Dari)
  • Russian

Fields of Research

180115Intellectual Property Law75
180107Conflict Of Laws (Private International Law)25


Administrative expertise

During 2004-2006 Rita was working as a chief of International Relations Department at the Law Institute of Lithuania where she was managing international partnerships and European-level projects. In 2008-2010 she was an academic event manager at the Academy of European Law (Germany) and was organizing legal training for judges in Spain and Portugal. In 2012-2013 Rita was working as a deputy-director for research at the Law Institute of Lithuania . Since 2014 she is a deputy-director of the Master of Laws at the University of Newcastle.


Teaching keywords

  • Foundations of Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Internet Law

Teaching expertise

2007-2009 Rita was a tutor at Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC) where she covered a range of topics in the area of intellectual property law. In 2010-2013 she got a position of lecturer at Leibniz University of Hanover (Germany) and was teaching post-graduate courses on International copyright law, Intellectual Property and Private International Law, as well Copyright liability online. Since 2014 she is teaching Intellectual Property Law and Internet Law at the University of Newcastle.



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Book (1 outputs)

2011Matulionyte R, Law applicable to copyright: A comparison of the ALI and CLIP proposals, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., U.K., 288 (2011) [A1]

Chapter (2 outputs)

2013D'Erme R, Geiger C, Ruse-Khan HG, Heinze C, Jaeger T, Matulionyte R, Metzger A, 'The impact of the Anti-Counterfeiting trade agreement on the legal framework for IP enforcement in the European Union', Constructing European Intellectual Property: Achievements and New Perspectives, Edward Elgar Publishing, U.K. 394-408 (2013) [B1]
2012Matulionyte R, 'Law Applicable to Copyright Infringements in the ALI and CLIP Proposals', Studies on the Principles of Private International Law on Intellectual Property Rights--A Japanese-Korean Joint Proposal from East Asian Points of View, Seibundoh, Japan 333-352 (2012)

Journal article (13 outputs)

2014Matulionyte R, 'A Revival of Rental Right to Software? New Controversial Microsoft Licensing Practices', Intellectual Property Quarterly, 227-240 (2014)
2014Matulionyte R, 'Digital libraries: the prospective implementation of Orphan Works Directive in Lithuania', Teises problemos, 1 5-87 (2014)
2013Matulionyte R, 'Book Review: Ch. Geiger, Criminal Enforcement of Intellectual Property', JIPITEC : Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law, 4 65-67 (2013)
2013Matulionyte R, Lankauskas M, 'Bittorent Loses Again: A recent Lithuanian BitTorrent case and its impact on the construction of the E-commerce Directive', Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law, Journal of intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce, 4 179-189 (2013)
2013Matulionyte R, Adlamini F, 'Iran: In a Search for a Balanced Copyright Regime', Intellectual Property Quarterly, 114-138 (2013)
2013Matulionyte R, 'Calling for Party Autonomy in Intellectual Property Infringement Cases', Journal of Private International Law, 9 77-99 (2013)
2012Matulionyte R, 'IP and Applicable Law in Recent International Proposals', JIPITEC : Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law, 263-305 (2012)
2011Matulionyte R, Nerisson S, 'The French Route to an ISP Safe Harbour, Compared to German and US Ways', IIC-INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND COMPETITION LAW, 42 55-73 (2011) [C1]
2011Matulionyte R, 'ACTA's Digital Chapter: remaining concerns and what can be done', QUEEN MARY JOURNAL OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, 1 248-271 (2011) [C1]
2011Matulionyte R, 'Book Review: Stig Strömholm, Copyright and the Conflict of Laws: A Comparative Survey', JIPITEC : Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law, 158-162 (2011)
2011Matulionyte R, 'Law Applicable to Online Infringements in CLIP and ALI Proposals: A Rebalance of Interests Needed?', JIPITEC : Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law, 26-36 (2011)
2008Matulionyte R, 'Cross-Border Collective Management and Principle of Territoriality: Problems and Possible Solutions in the EU', The Journal of World Intellectual Property, 11 467-497 (2008)
2006Matulionyte R, 'Digital Copyright Objects', Teises problemos, 51-65 (2006)
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Report (2 outputs)

2014Matulionyte R, Nam H, 'A Study on Legal Effect of Software License.', Government of the South Korea, 35 (2014)
2010Matulionyte R, 'Online Copyright Liability: Leading European Cases', European Patent Office, 44 (2010)

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Number of grants1
Total funding$20,000

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2011 (1 grants)

The Law Applicable to Copyright: An Analytical Comparison of the Transparency, ALI and CLIP Proposals$20,000
Funding Body: Japanese Society for Promotion of Science

JSPS Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Short Term) for North American and European ResearchersChief Investigator
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Dr Rita Matulionyte

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