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  • PhD, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg - Germany, 24/07/2010
  • Master of Laws, University of Augsburg - Germany, 01/12/2007


Research keywords

  • Copyright Law
  • Cultural Heritage Law
  • Information Technology Law

Research expertise

In the field of intellectual property law Rita's research focuses on copyright in the digital environment, scope, exceptions and limitations to the copyright, as well as alternatives to copyright in creative industries. She has been researching in this field for the last 8 years and has published numerous articles in the field and several reports for the European Patent Office, Lithuanian and South Korean governments.

Since 2007 Rita has been researching on the intersection of intellectual property and private international law. Her PhD Thesis "Law Applicable to Copyright Infringements: A Comparison of the ALI and CLIP Proposals" was published by Edward Elgar Pub. Currently, she is continuing research on this topic as a leader of sub-committee on applicable law and intellectual property infringements at International Law Association.

Since 2013 she has been researching the legal means for the protection of intangible and tangible cultural heritage. She been advising Lithuanian Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture of Lithuania on the issues relating to intangible cultural heritage as well as carrying other research projects relating to balanced enforcement of cultural heritage laws in Lithuania.


  • English
  • German
  • Lithuanian
  • Persian (Excluding Dari)
  • Russian

Fields of Research

180115Intellectual Property Law60
210202Heritage And Cultural Conservation30
180107Conflict Of Laws (Private International Law)10


Teaching keywords

  • Intellectual Property
  • Internet Law


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Book (1 outputs)

2011Matulionyte R, Law applicable to copyright: A comparison of the ALI and CLIP proposals, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. (2011)

Journal article (3 outputs)

2013D'Erme R, Geiger C, Ruse-Khan HG, Heinze C, Jaeger T, Matulionyte R, Metzger A, 'The impact of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement on the legal framework for IP enforcement in the European Union', CONSTRUCTING EUROPEAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: ACHIEVEMENTS AND NEW PERSPECTIVES, 394-408 (2013)
2011Matulionyte R, Nerisson S, 'The French Route to an ISP Safe Harbour, Compared to German and US Ways', IIC-INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND COMPETITION LAW, 42 55-73 (2011) [C1]
2011Matulionyte R, 'ACTA's Digital Chapter: remaining concerns and what can be done', QUEEN MARY JOURNAL OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, 1 248-271 (2011) [C1]

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Dr Rita Matulionyte

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