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Sridharan has extensive publications in the field of supply chain collaboration over the last seven years. He has an international reputation for his research in supply chain collaboration. His innovative contributions in developing an integrative framework for supply chain collaboration, an index for measuring collaboration and the concept of benchmarking collaboration have been well received by the research community. His research has attracted more than 700 citations and he has won multiple awards for his research. Over the last few years he has used his quantitative skills to enhance the understanding of measuring collaboration and using it for benchmarking performance. His research priority is to continuously refine and improve the understanding of collaboration in supply chains.

Sridharan has received an Outstanding Paper Award and a Highly Commended Paper Award for his research in supply chain collaboration from international refereed journals. Sridharan was recently invited to join the editorial board of the Journal of Operations and Supply Chain Management.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Carnegie-Mellon University - USA, 17/12/1986


Research keywords

  • Lagrangian Heuristics
  • Logistics
  • Mathematical programming
  • Mixed integer programming
  • Supply-chain

Research expertise

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Plant Location
  • Mathematical Programming
  • Mixed Integer Programming
  • Lagrangian Heuristics

Fields of Research

150309Logistics And Supply Chain Management40
080699Information Systems Not Elsewhere Classified30
150799Transportation And Freight Services Not Elsewhere Classified30


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Chapter (1 outputs)

2013Carlson JL, Ahrholdt D, Sridharan R, Simatupang T, 'New Insights into Consumer Loyalty of Website-Services: The Quadratic Effect of Flow', E-Marketing in Developed and Developing Countries: Emerging Practices, IGI Global, Hershey, PA 246-256 (2013) [B1]

Journal article (12 outputs)

2013Sridharan R, Simatupang TM, 'Power and trust in supply chain collaboration', International Journal of Value Chain Management, 7 76-96 (2013) [C1]
2011Handayati Y, Simatupang TM, Sridharan R, 'An analysis of collaboration between Coca-Cola and Carrefour using drama theory', International Journal of Value Chain Management, 5 1-24 (2011) [C1]
2011Simatupang TM, Sridharan R, 'A drama theory analysis of supply chain collaboration', International Journal of Collaborative Enterprise, 2 129-146 (2011) [C1]
2009Sridharan R, Simatupang TM, 'Managerial views of supply chain collaboration: An empirical study', Gadjah Mada International Journal of Business, 11 253-273 (2009) [C1]
2008Simatupang TM, Sridharan R, 'Design for Supply Chain Collaboration', Business Process Management Journal, 14 401-418 (2008) [C1]
2006Simatupang TM, Sridharan R, 'The Architecture of Supply Chain Collaboration', International Journal of Value Chain Management, 1 304-323 (2006) [C1]
2005Simatupang TM, Sridharan R, 'Supply Chain Discontent', Business Process Management Journal, 11 349-369 (2005) [C1]
2005Simatupang TM, Sridharan R, 'An Integrative Framework for Supply Chain Collaborations', The International Journal of Logistics Management, 16 257-274 (2005) [C1]
2005Simatupang TM, Sridharan R, 'The Collaboration Index: A Measure for Supply Chain Collaboration', International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 35 44-62 (2005) [C1]
2004Simatupang TM, Sridharan R, 'A Benchmarking Scheme for Supply Chain Collaboration', Benchmarking: an international journal, 11 9-30 (2004) [C1]
2004Simatupang TM, Sridharan R, 'Benchmarking Supply Chain Collaboration: An Empirical study', Benchmarking: an international journal, 11 484-503 (2004) [C1]
2004Simatupang TM, Wright AC, Sridharan R, 'Applying the Theory of Constraints to Supply Chain Collaboration', Supply Chain Management, 9 57-70 (2004) [C1]
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Conference (4 outputs)

2014Eyaa S, Sridharan R, Ryan SE, 'Categorising supply chain opportunism: A framework', ANZAM 2014, UTS Sydney (2014) [E1]

Co-authors: SUZANNE RYAN

2011Sridharan R, Simatupang TM, 'The architecture of collaborative service innovation', Proceedings of the 2nd International Research Symposium in Service Management, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2011) [E2]
2009Simatupang TM, Sridharan R, 'The roles of trust and power in supply chain collaboration for value creation and appropriation', Pan-Pacific Conference XXVI: Strategic Innovation Through Collaboration and Convergence: Proceedings, Shenzhen, China (2009) [E1]
2009Sridharan R, Simatupang TM, 'Power and trust in supply chain collaboration: A conceptual framework', OSCM 2009: 3rd International Conference on Operations & Supply Chain Management: Proceedings, Aimst University, Malaysia (2009) [E1]
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No funding.


Research Supervision

Number of current supervisions5
Total current UoN PhD EFTSL2.75

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Current Supervision

ProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
20142018PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorCollaborative Risk Management and Supply Chain Resilience
20142018PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorProblem Solving and Decision Making in Procurement Supplier Selection
20132018PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorExamining the Antecedents and Consequences of Electronic Procurement (EP) Usage Intensity within B2B Relationships in Australia
20132017PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorEnviropreneurial Orientation and SME Green Practice Adoption in Supply Chains: Empirical Insights from Uganda
20122016PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorOpportunism in Exchange Relationships in Supply Chains: Evidence from Uganda

Past Supervision

YearProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
2013PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorThe Implications and Limitations of Commercial Supply Chain Management Process Models and Frameworks for Disaster Relief

Associate Professor Ramaswami (Sri) Sridharan

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