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Since obtaining my PhD in Law from the University of Dundee, UK, in 2009, I began my academic career as an Assistant Professor in Law at the City University of Hong Kong where I served for three years until 2012.  After that, I was a Lecturer in Law at the University of Surrey, UK, for a year.  I joined Newcastle Law School in December 2013 as a Senior Lecturer.

I have published extensively at top law journals based in the UK and Commonwealth in various legal disciplines such as Company Law, Labour Law, Environmental regulation and Public Law. 

I teach Company Law and Equity & Trusts.  


  • PhD, University of Dundee, 14/10/2009
  • Master of Science (Administration), Central Michigan University - USA, 31/12/2001


Research keywords

  • Company Law/Corporate Governance
  • Environmental Law
  • Labour Law
  • Public Law

Research expertise

I have published extensively in peer-reviewed law journals on topics such as Company Law, Environmental Law, Labour Law and Public Law.


  • Cantonese
  • English
  • Mandarin

Fields of Research

180109Corporations And Associations Law60
180118Labour Law20
160509Public Administration20


I have research collaborations with a number of scholars based in Australia and Hong Kong in disciplines such as Company Law, Public Law, Environmental regulation and Labour Law.


Teaching keywords

  • Company Law
  • Corporate Governance
  • Equity & Trusts

Teaching expertise

I offer teaching in Company Law/Corporate Governance and Equity & Trusts.



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Journal article (17 outputs)

2014Chan RSY, Ho JKS, 'Should Listed Companies Be Allowed to Adopt Dual-Class Share Structure in Hong Kong?', Common Law World Review, 43 155-182 (2014) [C1]
2014Chan RSY, Ho JKS, 'Inside Information disclosure regime in Hong Kong, from listing rules to securities law: a comparison with Australia', Company Lawyer, 35 215-223 (2014) [C1]
2014Chan RSY, Ho KSJ, 'Disclosure of Directors' Personal Information in Hong Kong', Common Law World Review, 43 279-297 (2014)
2013Chan HK, Chan RSY, Ho JKS, 'Enforcement of Insider Trading Law in Hong Kong: What Insights Can We Learn from Recent Convictions?', Australian Journal of Corporate Law, 28 271-303 (2013) [C1]
2012Price R, Ho JKS, 'The Charity Commission of England and Wales as a model: Could Hong Kong and Australia be importing a constitutional problem?', Singapore Journal of Legal Studies, 55-75 (2012) [C1]
2012Price R, Ho JKS, 'Mainlanders as 'others' in the life and law of Hong Kong', King's Law Journal, 23 233-255 (2012) [C1]
2012Price R, Ho JKS, Tse S, 'Diesel Exhaust Disease Liability in Hong Kong: The Case for a Cross-Border Legal Transplant', Journal of Comparative Law, 7 172-195 (2012) [C1]
2012Price R, Ho JKS, 'Air pollution in Hong Kong: the failure of government and judicial review', Public Law: the constitutional and administrative law of the commonwealth, 179 (2012)
2011Ho JKS, Price R, 'Reform of Charity Law in Hong Kong and Australia: What lessons can be learned from the United Kingdom?', Asian Journal of Comparative Law, 6 11 (2011) [C1]
2011Ho JKS, Price R, 'Moral hazard, insolvency and employees as creditors: What governance lessons can be learned from the Hong Kong model?', Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 11 525-550 (2011) [C1]
2011Chan RSY, Ho JKS, 'Price Sensitive Information Disclosure by Listed Corporations in Hong Kong: Lessons and Experiences from Australia', Australian Journal of Corporate Law, 26 86-111 (2011) [C1]
2011Price R, Ho JKS, 'Implementing a Statutory Minimum Wage in Hong Kong: Appreciating International Experiences but Recognizing Local Conditions', Common Law World Review, 40 95-118 (2011) [C1]
2011Ho JKS, Price R, 'Bringing Corporate Rescue Laws to Hong Kong: A Reform Too Big to Fail?', Business Law International, 12 71-92 (2011) [C1]
2011Price R, Ho JKS, 'Air Pollution in Hong Kong: the failure of judicial review and the slight promise of recent cases', Singapore Journal of Legal Studies, 394-411 (2011) [C1]
2010Ho JKS, Chan RSY, 'Is Debtor In Possession Viable in Hong Kong?', Common Law World Review, 39 204-218 (2010) [C1]
2010Ho JKS, '"Director's duty to promote the success of the company": Should Hong Kong implement a similar provision?', Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 10 17-33 (2010) [C1]
2008Ho JKS, 'Economic Theories of the Firm Versus Stakeholder Theory: Is there a governance dilemma?', Hong Kong Law Journal, 38 399-424 (2008) [C1]
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No funding.


Research Supervision

Number of current supervisions2
Total current UoN PhD EFTSL0.6

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Current Supervision

ProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
20142018PhD (Law)Co-SupervisorCorporate Governance - Challenges before Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in Effective Implementation
20142018PhD (Law)Co-SupervisorGender Diversity on Corporate Boards

Dr Kong (John) Ho

PositionSenior Lecturer
Newcastle Law School
Faculty of Business and Law
The University of Newcastle, Australia