Mr Herbert Heinrich

Gallery Exhibition Installer

University Library

Career Summary


Research Expertise
* Wildlife Art for exhibition * Conservation of art and cultural material * Materials and techniques for presentation of artwork * Collection and preparation of biological museum specimens * Habitat studies for written, illustrated and 3D artwork * Photography, macro-environment and landscape


  • Graduate Diploma in Art, Hunter Institute of Higher Education
  • Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts), Newcastle College of Advanced Education


  • Artwork
  • Creative arts
  • Photography

Fields of Research

Code Description Percentage
199999 Studies in Creative Arts and Writing not elsewhere classified 100


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Creative Work (7 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2004 Heinrich HD, Red Wattlebirds on Gymea Lilies, Port Stephens; Naturo-digito-microscopy, Eclectic plates i-xv; Naturo-digito-microscopy, Eclectic plates xvi-xxi; Earthstars, Newcastle (2004) [J2]
2004 Heinrich HD, Llewellyn AA, Patipla is Watching Us; Remnants of Green, Newcastle (2004) [J2]
Co-authors Anne Llewellyn
2003 Heinrich HD, D: Brief - Watt Space Exhibition, Newcastle (2003) [J2]
2003 Heinrich HD, D: Brief - Rocketart Exhibition, Newcastle (2003) [J2]
2003 Heinrich HD, D: Brief - Intrados Exhibition, Newcastle (2003) [J2]
2002 Llewellyn AA, Heinrich HD, Minmi paravertabra, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia (2002) [J2]
Co-authors Anne Llewellyn
1999 Ostwald MJ, Moore RJ, Yaxley B, Johnston L, Glassop DF, Paver G, et al., 'Design Works' - Blah! Blah!, Fine Art Gallery, Uni of Newcastle, Newcastle (1999) [J2]
Co-authors Christine Sanders, Anne Llewellyn
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Grants and Funding


Number of grants 1
Total funding $3,500

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20021 grants / $3,500

Minmi Dinosaur.$3,500

Funding body: Macquarie University

Funding body Macquarie University
Project Team Mr Herbert Heinrich
Scheme Research Grant
Role Lead
Funding Start 2002
Funding Finish 2002
GNo G0181744
Type Of Funding Contract - Aust Non Government
Category 3AFC

Mr Herbert Heinrich


Gallery Exhibition Installer
University Library
Academic Division

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