Dr Fred Chao

Dr Fred Chao


Newcastle Business School

Career Summary


Fred is a Lecturer in Marketing at the Newcastle Business School. Prior to joining the University of Newcastle, Fred was an assistant lecturer at the Department of Marketing at Monash University, Melbourne. Fred’s research interests focus on the areas of consumer behaviour, new product development, product innovation management and marketing research. Fred’s publications appear in the Australasian Marketing Journal. He has been a reviewer for Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics and European Journal of Marketing.

Research Expertise
Fred’s research interest is primarily focused on understanding the influence of consumer innovativeness on new product adoption across various product categories, services and cultures. The importance of such research enables companies addressing innovative consumers and knowing how to deal with this key segment, thus minimizes the failure rate of product innovations. He is currently engaged in a cross cultural study about drivers of consumer acceptance of novel new services.

Teaching Expertise
Before Fred came to Australia, Fred was a lecturer in Northern Taiwan Institute of Science and Technology for 2 years. He taught “Practice of International Trade”. During the last one and half year of his PhD candidature, he worked as a sessional tutor in marketing department at Monash University. He taught “Principle of Marketing”. In 2011, he had the opportunity to be offered a position as an assistant lecturer in the department of marketing at Monash University. He taught four units: marketing research method, international marketing, consumer behaviour, and integrated marketing communication. He received two teaching excellence awards for achieving high levels of overall student satisfaction in the unit evaluation for MKW 2460 (Integrated Marketing Communication) and MKW 2420 (Marketing Research Methods). His teaching values are to promote self-directed learning, create a supportive environment for knowledge acquisition, encourage problem solving, and to foster an enquiring and creative mind.

Administrative Expertise
Fred possesses good educational administration skills. Administration duties include student consultation, marking assignments and exams, answering course-related queries, and work with course coordinator on finalizing students’ grades. He is a team player, an effective communicator, possess leadership qualities, creative and innovative abilities, and is a responsible worker that strives for excellence in everything that I do. He has well-developed written and oral communication skills in both English and Mandarin which will enable him to be closely related to students (local and international) and staffs. He prides himself on being well-organized and a responsible person. Certainly, he is willing to contribute his knowledge, skills and personal experiences to provide his assistance to both local and international students and the community. Education is the basis of the enrichment of life. He believes that the more people learn, the better spirit they will have. He has had worked in industries for over 6 years in Taiwan and 3 years in Australia. He remains a great relationship with his colleagues.

1. RMIT University - Associate Prof Mike Reid: Developing a scale for vicarious adoption 2. Monash University - Dr. Vaughan Reimers: Retail Study: Investigate the influence of shopping convenience and permission email marketing 3. De Lin Institute of Technology (Taiwan) - Dr. Alice Chuang: Drivers of consumer acceptance of novel new services in Australia, China and Taiwan.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University


  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Research Method
  • New Product Adoption
  • Principle of Marketing
  • Product Innovation Management

Fields of Research

Code Description Percentage
150599 Marketing not elsewhere classified 30
150506 Marketing Theory 35
150504 Marketing Measurement 35

Professional Experience

UON Appointment

Title Organisation / Department
Lecturer University of Newcastle
Newcastle Business School

Academic appointment

Dates Title Organisation / Department
1/01/2011 - 1/12/2011 Assistent Lecturer Monash University
Business and Law


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Journal article (8 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2017 Rayner J, Reimers V, Chao C, 'Testing an international measure of public service motivation: Is there really a bright and dark side?', AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, (2017)
DOI 10.1111/1467-8500.12247
2017 Reimer V, Magnuson B, Chao C, 'Happiness, altruism and the Prius effect: how do they influence consumer attitudes towards environmentally responsible clothing', Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 21 (2017)
2016 Reimers V, Chao CW, Gorman S, 'Permission email marketing and its influence on online shopping', Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 28 308-322 (2016) [C1]

© 2016, © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.Purpose ¿ While the internet has emerged as a retail force to be reckoned with, its¿ success is dependent, at least in part, on othe... [more]

© 2016, © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.Purpose ¿ While the internet has emerged as a retail force to be reckoned with, its¿ success is dependent, at least in part, on other promotional tools. One such tool is permission e-mail marketing (PEM). Operating within the framework of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), the purpose of this paper is to explore the influence of PEM on the perceived value derived from internet shopping. Design/methodology/approach ¿ Data were collected through an online survey in Melbourne, Australia. Utilising a sample of 338 consumers, the resulting data were analysed using structural equation modelling. Findings ¿ The results of the study indicate that PEM positively influences the perceived usefulness, ease of use and enjoyment derived from shopping online. Furthermore, it also serves to reduce the perceived risk. PEM serves as an important extension of the TAM, with the findings from this study highlighting not only what the sources of online shopping value are, but also how they can be influenced. Research limitations/implications ¿ The limitation applies to the research context in which the study was carried out ¿ fashion shopping. Practical implications ¿ The study confirms the importance of PEM and highlights to retailers that they have another important tool at their disposal. Originality/value ¿ This study highlights the importance of PEM and support the proposition that its key source of value lies in providing information that the consumer wants. Such relevance is the key of distinction between PEM and SPAM. Despite the rapid growth of internet shopping in Australia, very few online shopping studies have been conducted in an Australian context. This study helps to address such an oversight.

DOI 10.1108/APJML-03-2015-0037
2016 Chao CW, Reid M, Hung YC, 'Vicarious innovativeness or vicarious learning: The role of existing vicarious innovativeness in new product purchase intentions', Australasian Marketing Journal, 24 87-92 (2016) [C1]

© 2016 Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy.This paper draws on the consumer innovativeness literature to examine the relationship between existing vicarious innovativene... [more]

© 2016 Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy.This paper draws on the consumer innovativeness literature to examine the relationship between existing vicarious innovativeness scale and other forms of consumer innovativeness scales and its role on predicting new product purchase intentions in Australia and China. This study found that existing vicarious innovativeness scale is negatively associated with other forms of consumer innovativeness. Contrary to a significant body of academic research, this study demonstrates the ability of the existing vicarious innovativeness scale in predicting new product purchase intentions rather than new product adoption behaviour. The results have important implications by validating the existing vicarious innovativeness scale in a cross-cultural context. The results of this study question the existing vicarious innovativeness scale that it should only be considered as a measurement for vicarious learning. Instead, further research should seek additional sources of both innovators' and imitators' new product information acquisition in order to develop a proper scale to better measure vicarious innovativeness.

DOI 10.1016/j.ausmj.2016.01.006
2016 Reimers V, Magnuson B, Chao CW, 'The academic conceptualisation of ethical clothing: could it account for the attitude behaviour gap', Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 20 383-399 (2016) [C1]
DOI 10.1108/JFMM-12-2015-0097
2014 Reimers V, Chao C, 'The role of convenience in a recreational shopping trip', European Journal of Marketing, 48 2213-2236 (2014) [C1]
DOI 10.1108/EJM-12-2012-0734
2013 Chao C, Reid Mike, Mavondo Felix, 'Global consumer innovativeness and consumer electronic product adoption', Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 25 614-630 (2013) [C1]
DOI 10.1108/APJML-02-2013-0025
Citations Scopus - 3
2012 Chao CW, Reid M, Mavondo F, 'Consumer Innovativeness Influence on Really New Product Adoption', Australasian Marketing Journal, 20 211-217 (2012) [C1]
Citations Scopus - 12
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Conference (6 outputs)

Year Citation Altmetrics Link
2017 Chao C, 'Prediction power of existing scales on new product adoption in the Chinese market' (2017)
2016 Hung YC, Song L, Chao CW, 'The Effect of Presentation Order on Evaluation of Experiential' (2016)
2015 Chao CW, Reid M, 'Investigating the impact of new product information acquiring behaviour on innovative customers ¿ the development of vicarious innovativeness scale.' (2015)
2013 Chao CW, Reid M, 'Does consumer innovativeness influence western and eastern customers¿ really new products adoption behaviour differently?' (2013)
2010 Chao CW, Reid M, 'Consumer Innovativeness and Chinese¿s Really New Product Adoption Behaviour' (2010)
2009 Chao CW, Reid M, Movando F, 'The influence of consumer innovativeness on really new product adoption' (2009)
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20131 grants / $5,000

Investigating the impact of new product information learning and behaviour on innovative customers - Developing a scale for vicarious innovativeness$5,000

Funding body: University of Newcastle

Funding body University of Newcastle
Project Team Doctor Fred Chao
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Role Lead
Funding Start 2013
Funding Finish 2013
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Dr Fred Chao


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