Dr Daniel Fleming

Conjoint Lecturer

School of Humanities and Social Science (Philosophy, Religion and Theology)

Career Summary


I was appointed as Dean of Studies at the Broken Bay Institute in 2013, after holding the positions of Assistant Dean in 2012 and Lecturer in Theology and Ethics in 2011. As of 2012, I am also a Conjoint Lecturer with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Newcastle. I completed my doctoral studies in 2012 with a thesis entitled 'Attentiveness to Vulnerability: A Dialogue Between Emmanuel Levinas, Jean Porter, and the Virtue of Solidarity". My areas of interest in research and teaching are outlined below.

Research Expertise
My PhD thesis combined research in the areas of continental philosophy, ethics, and moral theology in order to propose a framework for ethical decision making which emphasises attentiveness to vulnerability. My other research projects focus on the relationship between moral, religious, and theological education, with close attention to interdisciplinary work between these fields. More specifically, this has involved looking into current insights in the field of moral education and how these might help to better understand the complexities involved in religious and theological education, with an eye on the features of such education which supports moral development and the common good.

Teaching Expertise
I have taught across a number of areas in theology and both undergraduate and postgraduate level, including courses introducing the discipline of theology; moral theology; social ethics; and ecclesiology.

Administrative Expertise
In 2012 I was appointed Assistant Dean at The Broken Bay Institute. From January 2013 to the present I have held the position of Dean of Studies at the Broken Bay Institute.

In my research I collaborate closely with a number of staff, including: Dr Peter Mudge (in the areas of religious education and theology) Prof. Terry Lovat (in the areas moral education, religious education and theology).


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Australian Catholic University
  • Bachelor of Theology (Honours), Australian Catholic University


  • moral education
  • moral philosophy
  • moral theology
  • religious ethics
  • theological education
  • theology

Fields of Research

130399Specialist Studies in Education not elsewhere classified30
220401Christian Studies (incl. Biblical Studies and Church History)40

Professional Experience

UON Appointment

DatesTitleOrganisation / Department
21/04/2014 - 8/01/2015LecturerUniversity of Newcastle
School of Humanities and Social Science

Academic appointment

DatesTitleOrganisation / Department
1/01/2011 - Dean of Studies
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The Broken Bay Institute
Theology and Ethics


For publications that are currently unpublished or in-press, details are shown in italics.

Book (1 outputs)

2014Lovat TJ, Fleming D, What is this thing called theology? Considering the spiritual in the public square, David Barlow Publishing, Macksville, 154 (2014) [A2]
Co-authorsTerry Lovat

Chapter (4 outputs)

2014Fleming D, Mudge P, 'Leaving Home: A Pedagogy for Theological Education', Learning and Teaching Theology: Some Ways Ahead, Morning Star Publishing, Northcote 71-80 (2014) [B1]
Co-authorsPeter Mudge
2014Fleming D, 'What's her name? Remembering the social determinants of human flourshing', Exploring the connections: Catholic social teaching & social determinants of health, Connor Court Publishing, Ballarat 85-98 (2014) [O1]
2013Fleming DJ, 'A Call for New Insights Concerning Conscience Formation', Being Human: Groundwork for a Theological Anthropology for the 21st Century, Mosaic Press, Preston, Vic 175-190 (2013) [B1]
2013Fleming D, 'Ethics is an Optics: The Levinasian Perspective on Value as Primary', The Routledge International Handbook of Education, Religion and Values, Routledge, Abingdon 362-372 (2013) [B1]
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Journal article (8 outputs)

2014Fleming D, Lovat T, 'When encounters between religious worldviews are a threat: Applying Triune Ethics Theory in a religiously diverse landscape', Journal of Moral Education, 43 377-393 (2014) [C1]
Co-authorsTerry Lovat
2014Fleming D, Lovat TJ, 'When encounters between religious worldviews are a threat: Applying Triune Ethics Theory in a religiously diverse landscape', Journal of Moral Education, 43 377-393 (2014) [C1]
Co-authorsTerry Lovat
2014Mudge P, Fleming D, Lovat T, 'The potential impact of the neurosciences on religious and spiritual education: ramifying from the impact on values education', JOURNAL OF BELIEFS & VALUES-STUDIES IN RELIGION & EDUCATION, 35 144-154 (2014) [C1]
DOI10.1080/13617672.2014.953299Author URL
Co-authorsPeter Mudge, Terry Lovat
2013Fleming D, Lovat T, 'Us and Them - Thinking Beyond the Security Ethic', Religionspädagogische Beiträge, 69 105-114 (2013) [C1]
Co-authorsTerry Lovat
2013Fleming D, Mudge P, 'The heartbeat of religion: Vital connections between theology and religious education for classroom teachers', Journal of Religious Education, 61 42-53 (2013) [C1]
Co-authorsPeter Mudge
2013Fleming D, Lovat T, ''Self-Other' or 'Other-Self-Other'? A Conversation Between Bonhoeffer and Levinas on Vulnerability', The Bonhoeffer Legacy: Australasian Journal of Bonhoeffer Studies, 1 133-149 (2013) [C1]
Co-authorsTerry Lovat
2010Fleming D, 'Intelligibility in the Natural Law: An Analysis of Jean Porter's Approach', Australian Ejournal of Theology, 15 1-19 (2010) [C1]
2010Fleming D, 'Understanding Trade in Populorum Progressio and Caritas in Veritate', Australian Ejournal of Theology, 16 1-16 (2010) [C1]
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Dr Daniel Fleming


Conjoint Lecturer
School of Humanities and Social Science
Faculty of Education and Arts

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Philosophy, Religion and Theology

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