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Craig Dalton is a public health physician with a MMSc in Clinical Epidemiology from the University of Newcastle and is a graduate of the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service, Atlanta, Georgia. He completed a Preventive Medicine Fellowship in the Foodborne and Diarrhoeal Disease Branch at CDC in 1995.

He is a public health physician employed with the NSW Government and conjoint senior lecturer in the School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle. My main experience is in health protection issues - communicable diseases and environmental health. He is director of - a national online survey of 16,000 participants every Monday morning in winter to track influenza-like illness.

He is course coordinator for Buddhist and other Contemplative Traditions RELT1022 at the University of Newcastle. He has a great interest in the underlying philosophy of public health and the exploration of eastern concepts of interdependence in developing such a philosophy, to this end I have been piloting a program of Contemplative Practice in Public Health for public health practitioners.


  • Master of Medical Science, University of Newcastle, 27/04/1995
  • Bachelor of Medicine, University of Newcastle, 30/04/1988


Research keywords

  • public health

Research expertise

Craig's research expertise is in areas of applied public health practice. He founded the national influenza-like illness surveillance system and has expertise in influenza surveillance, foodborne disease epidemiology and environmental health impact assessment.


  • English

Fields of Research

111700Public Health And Health Services45
050204Environmental Impact Assessment20


Teaching keywords

  • contemplative practice
  • public health

Teaching expertise

Craig is the course coordinator for RELT1022 Buddhist and other Contemplative Traditions.



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Total funding$40,000

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2009 (1 grants)

Weekly online community survey for early detection of seasonal and pandemic influenza and vaccine failure$25,000
Funding Body: Hunter Medical Research Institute

Project Team
Doctor Craig Dalton, Conjoint Professor David Durrheim, Dr Edouard Tursan D'Espaignet, Associate Professor Heath Kelly
Project GrantChief Investigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

2004 (1 grants)

Psychological and social monitoring of Hunter environmental change.$15,000
Funding Body: University of Newcastle

Project Team
Associate Professor Nick Higginbotham, Professor Linda Connor, Conjoint Professor Glenn Albrecht, Conjoint Professor Wayne Smith, Doctor Craig Dalton
Project GrantInvestigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

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No Supervisions.


Dr Craig Dalton

Work Phone(02) 4924 6345
PositionsConjoint Senior Lecturer
School of Medicine and Public Health
Faculty of Health and Medicine
The University of Newcastle, Australia
Casual Academic
School of Humanities and Social Science
Faculty of Education and Arts
The University of Newcastle, Australia
University Drive
Callaghan NSW 2308