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I’m a designer, visual communicator and avid researcher based in Melbourne, Australia. With a varied background in business, design, construction and Building Information Modelling (BIM), I have worked across many organizations in Australia and the Middle East; led a specialised consultancy business for 10 years; launched an industry-first BIM assessment start-up; published high-impact peer-reviewed articles; led industry-wide initiatives; and keynoted prestigious international seminars. I’m also a conjoint senior lecturer at a leading Australian university; a member of an academic advisory committee; and a publisher of two specialised blogs.

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  • PhD (Building Information Modelling), University of Newcastle, 30/06/2013
  • Bachelor of Interior Design, Lebanese American university - USA, 30/06/1994


Research keywords

  • BIM Education
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Performance Assessment
  • Performance Improvement

Research expertise

My research focuses on the technologies, processes and policies enabling construction industry stakeholders to collaboratively design, build and operate a facility. I intently investigate Building Information Modelling (BIM) as the current expression of technical and procedural innovation within the construction industry. To understand BIM, I rely less on charting its technological innovations and more on analysing its change-dynamics, knowledge infrastructure and competency requirements.

BIM adoption by industry and academia faces numerous challenges, each warranting a focused investigation by domain researchers. My research does not isolate a single gap to address but espouses a holistic view of the knowledge problem at hand. It contributes an evolving set of conceptual constructs and a number of practicable knowledge tools to facilitate BIM learning, assessment and performance improvement.

I have 20 years’ experience within the construction industry including 10 years as an independent BIM consultant/researcher. I have published a number of peer-reviewed articles, participated in industry-wide initiatives, and developed several BIM assessment and workflow improvement tools.


  • Arabic
  • English

Fields of Research

120104Architectural Science And Technology (Incl. Acoustics, Lighting, Structure And Ecologically Sustainable Design)40
120201Building Construction Management And Project Planning30
100605Performance Evaluation; Testing And Simulation Of Reliability30


Teaching keywords

  • Building Information Modelling


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Chapter (1 outputs)

2010Succar B, 'Building Information Modelling Maturity Matrix', Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics: Concepts and Technologies, Information Science Reference, Hershey, PA 65-102 (2010) [B1]

Journal article (3 outputs)

2013Succar B, Sher W, Williams A, 'An integrated approach to BIM competency assessment, acquisition and application', Automation in Construction, 174-189 (2013) [C1]
2012Succar B, Sher WD, Williams AP, 'Measuring BIM performance: Five metrics', Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 8 120-142 (2012) [C1]

Co-authors: WILLY SHER

2009Succar B, 'Building information modelling framework: A research and delivery foundation for industry stakeholders', Automation in Construction, 18 357-375 (2009) [C1]

Conference (4 outputs)

2013Succar B, Sher WD, 'A competency knowledge-base for BIM learning', Proceedings 38th AUBEA International Conference, Auckland, New Zealand (2013) [E1]

Co-authors: WILLY SHER

2013Kassem M, Succar B, Nashwan D, 'A proposed approach to comparing the BIM maturity of countries', Proceedings of the CIB W78 2013: 30th International Conference ¿Beijing, China, 9-12 October, Beijing, China (2013) [E1]
2010Succar B, 'The five components of BIM performance measurement', CIB 2010 World Congress: Proceedings, Salford, UK (2010) [E1]
2007Succar B, Sher WD, Aranda-Mena G, 'A proposed framework to investigate building information modelling through knowledge elicitation and visual models', Proceedings. 2007 Conference of the Australasian Universities Building Education Association, Melbourne, VIC (2007) [E1]

Co-authors: WILLY SHER

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Dr Bilal Succar

Cell / Mobile Phone0412556671
PositionConjoint Senior Lecturer
School of Architecture and Built Environment
Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
The University of Newcastle, Australia