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Anton has an extensive background in business, industry, government and academia. He has been a CEO, a management consultant and while working in Government has secured international joint ventures as well as conducted major research and development projects in Australia and overseas. Anton has had over 20 years research experience in Asia working with key markets like Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. He is a specialist in Chinese business, innovation management and marketing research with current projects on tourism, mental health and engineering. His PhD on Chinese Business Perceptions of Interpersonal Trust has been a catalyst for articles in A grade and high impact Journals such as the Asia Pacific Business Review. He has been the recipient of a Churchill Fellowship and has recently received a China Fellowship (Zhejiang University) from the China Scholarship Council. Anton has worked as a chief investigator on an AusAID Australian Development Research Award and Grant ($146,000 - Category 1). He is also the Chair of the Innovation Festival on the Central Coast and Chairing a major project to transform the innovative capacity of the Central Coast of New South Wales. He is supervising and participating in key projects around regional innovation systems (RIS), innovation champions, high growth entrepreneurs (gazelles), open innovation alliances (cultural intelligence) and cluster development. His own major area of interest is building innovation synergies and alliances between regional China and regional Australia in what are termed network clusters of innovation (NCOI). Under the commercial arm of the University (Newcastle Innovation) he has bought in over $500,000 of commercial income in recent years. One of these projects has led to the development of Innov8Central which is now the lead agency for innovation for the Central Coast region. Anton has exceptional skills in engaging with industry and has recently worked on the 10 year strategy for China for Tourism Australia and a major scoping study for Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism. He works closely with major regional bodies like HunterNet and is focused on raising the capacity of enterprises, clusters and regions through sharing his extensive and deep knowledge of innovation management theory and practice.


  • PhD, University of Central Queensland, 19/07/2004
  • Bachelor of Business (Economics), La Trobe University


Research keywords

  • China Business
  • Cross Culture
  • International Business
  • Strategy, Innovation, Entrepreneurship
  • Tourism
  • eMarketing

Research expertise

Research area of interest is predominantly around China and innovation management. Other areas include institutions and international business with a strong emphasis on cross culture, relationships, services marketing, marketing strategy and trust. Regional innovation systems, open innovation and innovation champions are some of the specific aspects under investigation.

Fields of Research

150300Business And Management50
150307Innovation And Technology Management30
159999Commerce, Management, Tourism And Services Not Elsewhere Classified20



  • Member - Australia Institute of Company Directors
  • Member - Australian Institute of Management


2010China Fellow
China Scholarship Council (China)


2007Churchill Fellow
Churchill Trust (Australia)
Awarded a Churchill Fellowship to further my research on regional business variations in China


Anton is a specialist in Chinese business research with current projects on innovation, tourism and entrepreneurs. His PhD on Chinese Business Perceptions of Interpersonal Trust and Xinren has been a catalyst for articles Journals such as the China Review International, Asia Pacific Business Review, and Management Decisions. He has been the recipient of a Churchill Fellowship and has recently received a China Fellowship from the China Scholarship Council to attend Zhejiang University as a Senior Scholar (C9 University). Anton is working with the National Institute of Innovation Management out of Zhejiang University. Anton has worked as a chief investigator on an AusAID Australian Development Research Award and Grant worth $146,000 (Category 1 - National Competitive Grants Register).


Administrative expertise

Honours coordinator from 2003-2006. Marketing Discipline Head from 2003-2006.


Teaching keywords

  • International Business
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Services Marketing

Teaching expertise

Teach at the Post Graduate level in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Teach at the UnderGrad level in Marketing Strategy and Services Marketing. Have taught research methods and a range of other courses.



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Book (1 outputs)

2009Kriz AP, Secrets to Building Personal Trust in China: An In-Depth Investigation of the Chinese Business Landscape, Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, 302 (2009) [A1]

Chapter (8 outputs)

2014Anderson M, Keating B, Kriz A, 'An Open-Systems Perspective of Mental Health Services', Service Management in Health and Wellness Services, Kendall Hunt, Iowa 121-135 (2014)
2014Drew AJ, Kriz AP, Redding G, 'Paternalism in Chinese Business Systems', Handbook of East Asian Entrepreneurship, Routledge, New York 1-29 (2014)

Co-authors: ANTONY DREW

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Co-authors: ANTONY DREW

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Co-authors: ANTONY DREW

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Journal article (19 outputs)

2014Cunneen DJ, Kriz A, 'Study on the definition and measurement of high growth firm', Science and Technology Progress and Policy, 31 106-113 (2014)


2014Connell J, Kriz A, Thorpe M, 'Industry clusters: an antidote for knowledge sharing and collaborative innovation?', Journal of Knowledge Management, 18 137-151 (2014)
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2014Drew AJ, Kriz AP, 'Institutional Reform and the Changing Face of Guanxi', International Journal of Business and Information, 9 187-216 (2014)

Co-authors: ANTONY DREW

2013Collins RA, Kriz A, 'Cultural intelligence (CQ) and its role in advancing open innovation alliances (OIA) between China and the West', Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship, 5 220-238 (2013) [C1]
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Conference (40 outputs)

2014Cullen A, Rosenberger III PJ, Malik A, Fitzgerald M, Kriz A, 'Advancing a conceptual model for understanding the influence of personal characteristics and values on Generation Y¿s attitude towards teleworking', ANZAM 2014 - Reshaping Management for Impact, Sydney, Australia (2014) [E1]
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Co-authors: ANTONY DREW

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Co-authors: ANTONY DREW

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Co-authors: ANTONY DREW

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Co-authors: ANTONY DREW

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Thesis / Dissertation (1 outputs)

2011Drew AJ, Chinese perceptions of guanxi in Mainland and overseas Chinese business communities, University of Newcastle (2011)

Co-authors: ANTONY DREW


Grants and Funding


Number of grants5
Total funding$224,660

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2014 (1 grants)

Smart Work Hub Pilot Program – Research services$190,100
Funding Body: NSW Trade & Investment

Project Team
Associate Professor Martin Fitzgerald, Doctor Philip Rosenberger III, Doctor Ashish Malik, Doctor Anton Kriz
Research ProjectInvestigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

2013 (1 grants)

Re-design of the current annual ‘Tenants’ Survey’$15,000
Funding Body: Pacific Link Housing

Project Team
Doctor Anton Kriz, Doctor Sarah Bankins
Research ProjectChief Investigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

2006 (1 grants)

Building and sustaining business relationships in China$10,000
Funding Body: Faculty of Business and Law

Chief Investigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

2005 (1 grants)

Social capital in the export of the integrated architectural, engineering and construction supply chain$7,160
Funding Body: University of Newcastle

Project Team
Conjoint Professor Kerry London, Doctor Anton Kriz
Project GrantInvestigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

2002 (1 grants)

ICRM 2002: 10th International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing, Germany 30 September 2002 - 2 October 2002$2,400
Funding Body: University of Newcastle

Project Team
Doctor Anton Kriz
Travel GrantChief Investigator
Total AmountFunding StartFunding Finish

Research Supervision

Number of current supervisions10
Total current UoN PhD EFTSL2.68

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Current Supervision

ProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
20142017PHD International Business
University of Canberra
Co-SupervisorCritical success factors in B2B relationships between Australian and Chinese tourism operators
20142022PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorStudy of the Creative Processes that Lead to Emergence of New Gazelles
20142019PhD (CommunityMed & ClinEpid)Co-SupervisorTowards a Better Understanding of Recovery Program Implementation and Training
20142022PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorHow Do CEO's Interpret Their Environments and Enact Appropriate Strategic Responses in Their Organisations?
20142017PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorExploring Engagement in Regional Business Clusters from the Perspective of Tourism Micro Enterprises
20122020PhD (Management)Co-SupervisorIndigenous Entrepreneurship in Tourism
20122016PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorComparing the Individual Innovative Behaviours of Independent Entrepreneurs and the Relationship with Firms Growth Outcomes
20112015PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorAssessing the Regional Ecosystem Impacts of Integrating Business and Social Enterprise Innovation
20112016PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorInvestigating the Behaviours, Impact and Motivations of Innovation Champions
20072014PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorAn exploratory investigation of Cultural Intelligence

Past Supervision

YearProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
2012PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorAn Exploratory Study of the Factors that Influence the Management of International Business Air Travel (IBAT)
2011PhD (Management)Principal SupervisorChinese Perceptions of Guanxi in Mainland and Overseas Chinese Business Communities
2007PhD (Management)Co-SupervisorCustomer Relationship Management: Examining the Central Proposition in the Online Context

Dr Anton Kriz

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