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Born in Glasgow, 1962, visual art and access to higher education came to me in 2000 when I commenced an undergraduate degree in Fine Art at the University of Newcastle.  Visual literacy has provided the creative tools with which to communicate and engage in a global world environment where the movement between space and place has rendered many citizens voiceless.

My artistic research explores a thinking through the discipline approach to resolving embodied questions of identity and belonging, a side effect of Migration, using drawing, painting and documentary photography as a research methodology.

It is my aim to use visual strategies to collaborate and work across diverse fields of knowledge production to illustrate the absolute necessity of visual literacy as instrumental in how we engage with each other and conduct the business of our lives. In particular, I advocate that creativity provides a universal means of expanding the field of knowledge production. Artistic research is a rich and diverse system of language, signs and symbols that has the capacity to not only cross disciplines but borders and border-states. As a legitimate research tool, creativity has tenor and provides the space of knowledge production with an alternate visual means in which to expand the pursuit of meaning and understanding. 



  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Newcastle, 03/12/2009
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), University of Newcastle, 12/12/2005
  • Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Newcastle, 13/12/2004


Research keywords

  • artistic research
  • felt experience
  • identity
  • migration

Research expertise

I have an exemplary academic record, receiving a University Medal for my Honours Degree submission and earning a scholarship for the duration of my Ph.D. candidature at the University of Newcastle, Australia [completed 2009]. My thesis, entitled Migration, Memory and Landscape: Recontextualising Personal Experience through Contemporary Abstract Painting critically examined the phenomena of felt experience as a vehicle for finding material form through an interdisciplinary lens. Along with a formal written exegesis, the creative component incorporated poetry, documentary photography, video installation and an exhibition/installation of drawings and paintings. As a contribution to knowledge production within the field of 2D studies my artistic research resulted in the development of an interdisciplinary, personal material methodology that incorporated drawing, painting and printmaking in the production of works of art. A process of weaving wet and dry materials, embedded with sgraffito fused to deliver a series of tactile, sensorial drawings and paintings that reflected my cultural identity and sense of place. This cross-disciplinary approach to practice based research has proved particularly effective in demonstrating a visually literate means to explore a personal migrant experience within a contemporary global context. I have continued to expand my practice based research initiatives in the emerging field of: Artistic Research exploring Migration and Diaspora as both a personal and global phenomenon. In addition, I continue to examine notions of identity as it relates to space, place, culture and gender. Within these strands of research I have collaborated with my peers and worked across borders, which contribute to the evolving and dissolving domains of praxis and theory as it relates to contemporary drawing and painting.


  • English

Fields of Research

190103Art Theory50
190502Fine Arts (Incl. Sculpture And Painting)50


Body relevant to professional practice.

  • Member - National Association of Visual Arts



2005University Medal
The University of Newcastle (Australia)
BA Fine Art, Honours
2005Faculty Medal
The University of Newcastle (Australia)
BA Fine Art, Honours


2005Going Home
PICA (Australia)
Represented UON at the National Graduate Exhibition, PICA, 2005.

Research Award.

2009Migration Memory Landscape: recontextualsing felt experience through contemporary abstract painting
The University of Newcastle (Australia)
Doctor of Philosophy, Fine Art APA Scholarship


In 2010, Dr Annemarie Murland collaborated with medical researcher of the year Professor Paul Foster, producing a work of art that was later auctioned to raise funds for Hunter Medical Research Institute.

She is currently (2012) working on a collaboration entitled, 'The Marian Thread' with Kiera O'Toole MA, which focuses on the didactic experience of Catholicism, collective identity and visual literacy of migrant artists.


Administrative expertise

In my capacity as an artist, researcher, lecturer and tutor of undergraduate and postgraduate studies I am fully experienced in developing and recording course content, [studio practice and theory], using traditional and web based media. I work collectively with my colleagues and have contributed to the development of assessment rubrics in 2D studies that evaluates creative practice within a research context. I am conversant in recording practice led discovery as creative output within existing the value systems that operate in traditional spheres of knowledge production - Universities. I am also compliant with University policy in relation to the storage of information, ethics submission, conformation reporting, editing, critical writing and issues surrounding plagiarism.


Teaching keywords

  • Blended Learning, Critical thinking through doing

Teaching expertise

I integrate dynamic traditional and experimental material methodologies and processes as knowledge building tools in my tailored teaching and learning studio sessions to engage students in critical knowledge exchange. A multi-disciplinary, philosophical and experimental approach to knowledge production provides the student with new ways of seeing through practice. By exploring the space and material capacity of creative practice through integrating research, analysis and practice we deepen the domain and extend the student experience. As an expanded field of inquiry, contemporary art practice is collaborative, cross disciplinary and an interactive form of representation that offers new possibilities to communicate intertextually. As a research method, creative practice requires the artist as researcher to use insight and imagination in their inquiry in order to expand the field of discovery. Questions that surround visual experience are conceptually developed in studio sessions through a system of practice that contextualises the researchers awareness and or observation of contemporary visual culture, creating meaning and understanding through the art object.



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Creative Work (9 outputs)

2013Brooker CJ, Shaw G, Tilley P, Murland A, Rey U, Chaffey N, et al., Popped, The Lock-Up, Newcastle, NSW 2300 (2013) [J2]

Co-authors: Caelli Brooker

2013Brooker CJ, Murland A, Elliot-Ranken M, Osmotherly M, Smith B, Out of Hand: abstraction in monochrome and colour, The Depot Gallery, 2 Danks Street, Waterloo NSW (2013) [J2]

Co-authors: Caelli Brooker

2012Murland A, Wish You Were Here, The Balmain Watch House Gallery, Sydney (2012) [J2]
2012Murland A, The Selkie, University of Newcastle, Newcastle (2012) [J2]
2011Murland A, Structure Becomes Image, University of Newcastle Gallery, Newcastle (2011) [J2]
2008Murland A, Forsythes Collectors Care Art Exhibition, Front Room Gallery, Newcastle (2008) [J2]
2006Murland A, All That You Leave Behind (Curator: Lilli-Ann Berg, Newcastle NSW Australia (2006) [J1]
2006Murland A, Pandora's Box (Curator: Susan Porteous, Newcastle Art Space, Newcastle NSW Australia (2006) [J2]
2006Murland A, WOW (Curators: Sandra Lee Brown, Colleen Hoad), Newcastle Art Space, Newcastle NSW Australia (2006) [J2]
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No funding.


Research Supervision

Number of current supervisions1
Total current UoN Masters EFTSL0.3

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Current Supervision

ProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
20102012M Philosophy (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorPainting Magic Realities Within a Chilean Migrant Context in Contemporary Australia

Past Supervision

YearProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
2014PhD (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorLost in Translation: The Materialisation of the Mark in the Digital Age
2013M Philosophy (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorBeyond the Pale: Australia: the Studio as Site where Notions of Irish National Identity are Translated into Contemporary Works of Art
2011M Philosophy (Fine Art)Co-SupervisorConversation in Landscape

Dr Annemarie Murland

Cell / Mobile Phone0448686376
PositionCasual Academic
School of Creative Arts
Faculty of Education and Arts
The University of Newcastle, Australia
Focus AreaFine Art
Art School AT 15 and AT 20,
The Conservatorium of Music,
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