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Since joining the University in 2005, Andrew has been involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the areas of microeconomics, macroeconomics, managerial economics, international trade and finance, and international business. His teaching practice is underpinned by a philosophy to develop students who are informed, critical and creative thinkers who exercise their decisions in an ethical manner. He is also involved in postgraduate research supervision, with his third Doctor of Business Administration candidate due for completion in December 2009


  • PhD, University of Melbourne, 05/03/2005


Research keywords

  • Business networks
  • Economics
  • Government policy

Research expertise

Investigating how business networks and government policy influence the competitiveness for firms, in particular within the context of Australian exporters

Investigating the competitive factors and challenges for developing environmental technology industries, particularly with respect to regional development and local employment opportunities.

Developing improved theoretical frameworks that combine concepts of microeconomic theory and strategy to explain the competitiveness of firms.

Fields of Research

139900Other Education100


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Chapter (1 outputs)

2008Nadolny A, 'Keeping it simple: A case study of innovation creation in the Australian water technology industry', Innovation in Management Practices, Macmillan Publishers India, New Delhi, India 202-213 (2008) [B1]

Journal article (3 outputs)

2015Nadolny A, Ryan S, 'McUniversities revisited: a comparison of university and McDonald's casual employee experiences in Australia', STUDIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION, 40 142-157 (2015)
2010Nadolny A, 'Rethinking the 'innovative firm': Innovation creation in the Australian water technology industry', Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, 11 1-16 (2010) [C1]
2007Nadolny A, 'Wet dreams - dry realities: Lost opportunities for an Australian presence in the global water services industry', International Journal of Environment, Workplace and Employment, 3 195-211 (2007) [C1]

Conference (12 outputs)

2011Nadolny A, McNeil KA, Ryan SE, Groen E, Bhattacharyya A, ''McJobs': A comparison of the academic and McDonald's casual worker experience', The Way Forward - Austerity or Stimulus? Incorporating the 13th Path to Full Employment Conference and 18th National Conference on Unemployment, Newcastle, NSW (2011) [E1]
2011Ryan SE, Groen E, McNeil KA, Nadolny A, Bhattacharyya A, 'Sessional employment and quality in universities: A risky business', Research and Development in Higher Education: Reshaping Higher Education Volume 34, Gold Coast (2011) [E1]
2011Groen E, McNeil KA, Ryan SE, Bhattacharyya A, Nadolny A, 'Sessionals: Doing the job for Universities?', Proceedings of the 25th Conference of the Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand (AIRAANZ), Auckland, NZ (2011) [E1]
2010Nadolny A, Bhattacharyya A, McNeil KA, Groen E, Ryan SE, 'The challenge of precarious employment practices on the delivery of quality teaching and learning outcomes in higher education', Proceedings of ICERI2010 Conference, Madrid, Spain (2010) [E1]
2010Nadolny A, Ryan SE, 'The values we teach: Does one size fit all', Proceedings of ICERI2010 Conference, Madrid, Spain (2010) [E1]

Co-authors: SUZANNE RYAN

2010McNeil KA, Bhattacharyya A, Nadolny A, Groen E, Ryan SE, 'Casual, committed but disconnected: The impact of precarious employment practices in higher education', The 10th Annual Pacific Employment Relations Association Conference Proceedings Part II, Gold Coast, QLD (2010) [E1]
2010Nadolny A, 'How effective are peer-assessed presentations as a learning tool for economics?', Frontiers in Economics Teaching. Proceedings of the 15th Australasian Teaching Economics Conference, Hamilton, New Zealand (2010) [E1]
2010Rodrigs MC, Bhattacharyya A, McNeil KA, Nadolny A, Groen E, Ryan SE, 'Barriers to including sessional academics in matters of discipline', Rethinking Learning in Your Discipline. University Learning and Teaching Futures Colloquium. Colloquium Papers, Armidale, NSW (2010) [E2]
2010Ryan SE, McNeil KA, Bhattacharyya A, Nadolny A, Groen E, 'Barriers to inclusion of sessional academics in matters of discipline', Rethinking Learning in Your Discipline. Proceedings of the University Learning and Teaching Futures Colloquium, 2010, Armidale, NSW (2010) [E3]
2009Nadolny A, ''Greening brown pathways': How can traditional labour markets restructure into generators of green jobs?', Labour Underutilisation, Unemployment and Underemployment incorporating the 11th Path to Full Employment Conference and 16th National Conference on Unemployment: Proceeedings Refereed Papers, Newcastle, NSW (2009) [E1]
2007Nadolny A, 'Beware the forks in the road: Trifurcation of career paths in the Australian higher education sector', The Challenge to Restore Full Employment: Incorporating the 9th Path to Full Employment Conference and 14th National Conference on Unemployment. Proceedings: Refereed Papers, Newcastle, NSW (2007) [E1]
2007Nadolny A, 'Re-thinking trade theories: Bringing macro-level and micro-level processes to explain to explain how firms internationalise', College of Business Research Symposium 2007. Papers, North Parramatta, NSW (2007) [E1]
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Grants and Funding

No funding.


Research Supervision

Number of current supervisions2
Total current UoN PhD EFTSL1

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Current Supervision

ProgramSupervisor TypeResearch Title
20152019PhD (Economics)Principal SupervisorTransaction Cost Economics and the Emergence of Entrepreneurial Opportunity
20142018PhD (Management)Co-SupervisorEffects of the Contract Farming on Productivity and Income of Farmers in Production of Baby Tomato and Lychee in Bac Giang Province, Vietnam.

Dr Andrew Nadolny

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