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  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Queensland, 13/12/1999
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, University of Queensland, 10/07/1990
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours), University of Queensland, 03/05/1991


Research keywords

  • autism
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • children
  • occupational therapy
  • sensory
  • sensory subtypes

Research expertise

My name is Alison Lane and I study sensory features in Autism Spectrum Disorder at the University of Newcastle, Australia. The focus of my work to date has been to identify sensory subtypes in Autism. My studies show that sensory features in Autism vary on the basis of parent reports of the frequency of the behaviours and the sensory modalities affected. Further, these subtypes relate to distinct neural profiles and patterns of challenging behaviours. My current work seeks to validate the use of sensory features as a method of classifying individuals with Autism into clinically meaningful phenotypes. To this end, I am involved in studies examining neurophysiological variation in sensory subtypes (e.g. using event-related potentials, heart rate and electrodermal responsivity). Future studies will explore differential response to treatment in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder based on sensory subtype classification and chart the emergence of sensory subtypes pre-diagnostically in early childhood.


  • English

Fields of Research

170112Sensory Processes, Perception And Performance60
110321Rehabilitation And Therapy (Excl. Physiotherapy)40


Teaching keywords

  • autism
  • child development
  • evidence based practice
  • neurodevelopmental disability
  • occupational therapy
  • professional practice
  • research methods


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Journal article (25 outputs)

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Review (1 outputs)

2006Lane AE, 'The science and fiction of autism', HEALTH (2006)

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2015 (1 grants)

International Meeting for Autism Research, Utah USA, 14-16 May 2015$1,500
Funding Body: University of Newcastle - Faculty of Health and Medicine

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Associate Professor Alison Lane
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20152018PhD (Occupational Therapy)Principal SupervisorPreliminary Investigation of Sensory Features and Early Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Pre-Term Infants in the First Year of Life

Associate Professor Alison Lane

PositionAssociate Professor
School of Health Sciences
Faculty of Health and Medicine
The University of Newcastle, Australia