Rule Listing Awards

Document Number000951
Date Approved14 October 2011

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Summary of the rules listing awards - 000951


The awards referred to in these Rules may be conferred on or awarded to candidates who have satisfied the provisions of the Rules, Requirements or Schedules governing the particular award.

The Council, of its own motion or on the recommendation of the Academic Senate may make awards ad eundem gradum or honoris causa to persons who, in the opinion of the Council are eligible for or might properly be honoured by those awards. This policy should be read in conjunction with the Rules Governing Honorary Awards and Exceptional Service Medals – 000301.

The awards listed in Sections 4 to 10 of this Rule have been approved by Council. They are awards that may be or have been awarded by the University.

Approval AuthorityCouncil
Date Approved14 October 2011
Date for Review14 October 2013
Policy SponsorAcademic Registrar
Policy OwnerAcademic Registrar
Policy ContactManager, Academic Senate Secretariat
Amendment History

Minor amendments to include details of Council and Academic Senate resolutions, abbreviations and comments, effected by Governance and Policy 14 May 2012

Amendment 17 January 2012 - Inclusion of Master of Clinical Medicine (Leadership and Management), Graduate Certificate in Clinical Medicine (Leadership and Management) (Exit Award) and Bachelor of Education Studies (Exit Award) which were approved under delegated authority by the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor on 29 September 2011.

18 November 2011 - Minor administrative changes - Document type changed from Policy to Rule; Policy Category is now Teaching and Learning: Programs.

New structure for listing University awards approved by Council 14 October 2011 (C11:191). It replaces and rescinds:

- Rule Listing Degrees and Diplomas 00635

- Doctoral Awards which may be Conferred Honoris Causa Schedule 000092

- Abbreviation of Qualifications and Institutions Guideline 000912.