Casual and Short Term Appointments Guideline

Document Number000931
Date Approved14 January 2011
Date Last Amended21 February 2012

1.      Overview

The following Guideline supports the University’s Recruitment Policy 000924.  It outlines the approach that should be adopted to employ a staff member for a short period of time without having to apply the full standard recruitment process.


2.      Definition

In the context of this document:

Short-term Appointments can cover fixed term (full time and part-time) or casual staff for a period of up to 12 months, and

Casual employment means employment by the hour and paid on an hourly basis that includes a loading in lieu of benefits.  Casual employment may be on an hourly or sessional basis.


3.      Appointment Process

To employ a potential staff member it is recognised that the timeframe by which this is to be achieved will generally be very restrictive.  As such, the following steps will need to be considered in order to comply with equity and diversity principles and reduce conflicts of interest:

  1. Where possible, you need to consider whether it is best to advertise a short-term appointment and action in accordance with the standard recruitment process.  Refer to the Continuing, Contingent and Fixed-Term Appointments Guideline 000930.

  2. In many cases, a potential appointee has already been identified or is readily identifiable from previous employment at the University.  Appropriate reference checks must be undertaken and a file note recorded.  An Appointment Job Details Form should then be completed. It is important that the correct classification and salary step are entered on the form together with a brief description of the duties involved.  Please refer to the academic Position Classifications standards or HEW Level Descriptors to ensure correct classification of the position. 

    Salary rates are available from the Remuneration and Benefits website.  If you have any doubt about the classification and step of the proposed appointee please contact your Human Resource Officer.
  3. The Head of the Organisational Unit approves the appointment of professional staff. The Head of School / Pro Vice-Chancellor approves the appointment of academic staff.  The Chief Investigator approves the appointment of staff in relation to grants.  Refer to the Delegation of Authority Policy (Bands #HR30 / 31) for approval levels.

  4. Please note that if the potential staff member is new to the University, the following forms need to be attached to the Appointment Job Details Form
  • UoN Employment Pack (previously Personal Details Form) *+ Proof of right to work in Australia
  • Tax File Number Declaration Form
  • Superannuation Form
  • Current Resume
  • Qualifications

* These documents need to be original or certified copies. 

Eligibility for Employment

In order to comply with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship legislation the University is required to check the work entitlements of all new and prospective employees.  It is an offence under the Migration Act 1958 to knowingly or recklessly allow an illegal worker to work or refer an illegal worker for work with another business.

Each of the following is proof of a person’s entitlement to work:

  1.  An Australian passport
  2. An Australian Birth Certificate AND Photo Identification
  3. An Australian citizenship certificate AND Photo Identification
  4. A certificate of evidence of citizenship AND Photo Identification
  5. A New Zealand passport
  6. A valid visa with permission to work and passport


4.      Appointment Letters

Casual Academic Staff

All casual academic staff members will receive an appointment letter produced and sent by the respective school.

Short-Term, Fixed-Term Staff

All short-term, fixed-term staff members will receive an appointment letter from Human Resource Services.


5.      Essential Supporting Documents

Appointment Job Details Form

UoN Employment Pack (previously Personal Details Form)

Conflicts of Interest Policy 000934

Delegation of Authority Policy 000083


6.      Related Documents

Recruitment Policy 000924


Approval AuthorityDirector, Human Resource Services
Date Approved14 January 2011
Date Last Amended21 February 2012
Date for Review14 January 2014
Policy SponsorDirector, Human Resource Services
Policy OwnerDirector, Human Resource Services
Policy ContactManager, Human Resource Services Team
Amendment History

Minor update to Section 3. iv. with removal of Personal Details Form and replacement with UoN Employment Pack, as requested by Human Resources 22 October 2012.

Change in terminology from "general" to "professional" staff, approved by the Vice-Chancellor 21 February 2012, effective 1 January 2012.

6 July 2011 - Updated list of Essential Supporting Documents due to a number of policies being replaced by the new Conflicts of Interest Policy - 000934 (which was approved by Council 18 March 2011)