Continuing, Contingent and Fixed-Term Appointments Guideline

Document Number000930
Date Approved14 January 2011
Date Last Amended21 February 2012

1.      Overview

This Guideline supports the University’s Recruitment Policy 000924 and explains how to initiate the recruitment process.  It outlines how to advertise for continuing, contingent and fixed-term appointments through Human Resource Services (HRS) and assistance provided by HRS.


2.      Definitions

In the context of this document:

Continuing employment means all employment that is not contingent, fixed-term or casual employment, and for which there is no set date for the employment to cease.

Contingent employment means employment provided from identifiable funding external to the University (not being the operating grant) for the life of a specific task or project or for the duration of the funding.  Such employment has no fixed end date and the contract is not terminable by the University, other than during a probationary period, or for unsatisfactory performance, or for serious misconduct; or by the occurrence of the contingency.

Fixed term employment means employment for a specified term, for which the instrument of engagement will specify the starting and finishing dates and for which during the term of employment the contract is not terminable by the University, other than during a probationary period, or for unsatisfactory performance, or for serious misconduct; or where the work is no longer required to be undertaken, in which case the fixed term staff member is entitled to payment equivalent to either 6 months salary or the balance of the contract, whichever is the lesser.

Head of the Organisational Unit means the staff member responsible for the management of the Division, the Faculty, the School or the work unit (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Head of School, Director or Manager).


3.      Recruitment Process

To commence the recruitment process there are a number of things you will need to do:

  1. Obtain verbal permission from the Head of the Organisational Unit to commence the recruitment process.
  2. Complete a Staff Recruitment Request Form, and Part B of the accompanying Health and Hazard Assessment Questionnaire.
  3. Draft a position description (Add PD template or review the current Position Description: reference should be made to the HEW Level Secondary Descriptors for Professional Staff Positions and Position Classification Standards for Academic Staff Positions
  4. Submit the Staff Recruitment Request Form to the Head of the Organisational Unit or grant holder for expenditure approval in accordance with the Delegation of Authority Policy 000083
  5. Submit the completed Staff Recruitment Request Form and associated documentation to Human Resource Services for recruitment and expenditure approval (see Delegation of Authority Policy 000083).
  6. Read the Staff Selection Committee Guideline 000928
  7. Submit the completed Staff Recruitment Request Form and associated documentation to your Human Resource Services Officer to commence the recruitment process.


4.      Advertising

Human Resource Services is responsible for providing expertise and support for the recruitment process which includes:

Prior to Advertising

When a position becomes vacant or a new position is created, your Human Resource Officer will meet with relevant staff to plan the recruitment and selection process. The meeting would normally involve the Head of the Organisational Unit.  Matters to be discussed include:

  1. Detailed consideration of the long term staffing needs; eg full-time, part-time, job share, redeployment possibilities and the use of other employment strategies to fill the position.
  2. Finalisation of position details and funding source; eg the position description accurately reflects the duties involved.
  3. Review and assessment of the position description and selection criteria using the HEW Level Secondary Descriptors for Professional Staff Positions and Position Classification Standards for Academic Staff Positions.
  4. The coordination of advertising - content and media placement; eg, word limit of the advertisement depending on whether it is being advertised in a newspaper or on the web and whether it will be advertised in specialist journals or newspaper supplements.
  5. Selection techniques and processes, eg a typing test, a seminar presentation.
  6. Composition of selection committees taking into account gender balance and appropriateness of nominated members. See Staff Selection Committee Guideline 000928.
  7. Completion of Health and Hazard Assessment Questionnaire and consideration of any health and safety issues associated with the position

Upon Completion of Advertising

Human Resource Services will then:

  1. Receive and acknowledge the applications by automated email.
  2. Ensure applications are uploaded to HRonline for viewing by the selection committee.
  3. Attend short-listing meeting for Professional Staff positions (if required) and provide advice on selection committee procedures, questions, feedback to unsuccessful applicants and if required participate in the selection committee as a member where this would add value.
  4. Co-ordinate the short-listing process for Academic Staff and obtain the appropriate approval for the recommended short-list.
  5. Contact applicants and arrange interviews, accommodation, travel, etc.
  6. Provide or facilitate membership on selection committees when necessary; eg when an indigenous position requires an indigenous representative to be on the selection committee.
  7. Provide advice on interview questions, tasks and selection committee procedures.
  8. After interviewing and report processing, prepare a letter of offer to the successful applicant, and advise unsuccessful interviewed applicants of the outcome.
  9. Confirm acceptance, commencement date and induction date.
  10. Conduct the HRS Induction.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your Human Resource Officer.


5.      Essential Supporting Documents

Staff Selection Committee Guideline 000928

Staff Recruitment Request Form

Delegation of Authority Policy 000083

Health and Hazard Assessment Questionnaire

Selection Committee Members’ Toolkit


6.      Related Documents

Recruitment Policy 000924




Approval AuthorityDirector, Human Resource Services
Date Approved14 January 2011
Date Last Amended21 February 2012
Date for Review14 January 2014
Policy SponsorDirector, Human Resource Services
Policy OwnerDirector, Human Resource Services
Policy ContactManager, Human Resource Service Team
Amendment History

Change in terminology from "general" to "professional" staff, approved by the Vice-Chancellor 21 February 2012, effective 1 January 2012.