Travel Inconvenience Allowance Procedure

Document Number000788
Date Approved30 August 2006
Date Last Amended21 February 2012

1.      Context

This procedure supports the implementation of the University’s Travel Policy and must be read in conjunction with that document and the documents listed as Essential Supporting Documents below.

2.      Definitions

In this procedure:

allowance formula means the formula for calculating the amount of money for which the traveller is eligible;

expense management system (EMS) means the online system utilised to request, approve and acquit travel and to claim reimbursement of travel costs -the University’s EMS is Spendvision;

non-acquittable means not requiring substantiation of expenditure;

traveller means anyone who travels on behalf of the University  on pre-approved University business, booked or arranged by the University refer Travel Policy definitions.

3.      Procedure

3.1.     The Travel Inconvenience Allowance is available to staff whom the University directs to undertake international travel but for whom such travel is not a normal part of their conditions of employment.

3.2.     To be eligible for an Inconvenience Allowance staff must have submitted an International Travel Pre-approval requisition in the EMS and received approval.

3.3.     Staff seeking an Inconvenience Travel Allowance must complete a Travel Inconvenience Allowance requisition through the University’s EMS – Spendvision.

3.4.     Staff are required to:

  1. access the requisition process onSpendvision;
  2. select the appropriate allowance requisition – ie either for professional staff or for academic staff;
  3. follow the requisition process with the help of the User Guides in Spendvision; 
  4. complete all required fields;
  5. calculate the allowance entitlement using the allowance formula;
    Note: In calculating the allowance entitlement, weekends should be included. Days taken as annual or long service leave during or after the business section of the trip should not be included in the calculations.
  6. submit the requisition via the EMS for approval by the appropriate PV-C/ DV-C.

3.5.     When approved, the application will be sent to the Payroll system for processing into the traveller’s bank account(s) in the next available pay run. Current payroll disbursement rules will apply to this allowance payment. These can be adjusted through the HR online system or by talking to a HR client service team member.

3.6.     An application for an allowance must be made and approved three (3) weeks prior to the departure date if payment is required before departure.

3.7.     This allowance does not have to be acquitted when the traveller returns.

3.8.     Travellers who return earlier than the date specified on their application must pay back the difference by completing the “Cash Advance – Refund to Uni” form within Spendvision. This will allow the amount specified to be deducted from the traveller’s next payroll entitlement.

3.9.     Travellers who return later than the date specified in their application, may apply for the difference to be allocated to them by using the online application procedure and specifying and justifying the extra days.

3.10.   Receiving an allowance does not limit the use of other University payment methods. Travellers can also use a University purchasing card, EMS reimbursement functionality, cash advances and/or the companion card.

3.11.   All applications for an allowance are subject to review and audit by the University Auditors and/or Delegated University officers

4.      Essential Supporting Documents

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Approval AuthorityVice-Chancellor
Date Approved30 August 2006
Date Last Amended21 February 2012
Policy SponsorDeputy Vice-Chancellor (Services)
Policy OwnerDirector, Corporate Services
Policy ContactCommercial Relationship Manager (Travel)
Amendment History

Change in terminology from "general" to "professional" staff, approved by the Vice-Chancellor 21 February 2012, effective 1 January 2012.

Amended Policy Owner 24 March 2010