Partner Organisation (including Off Campus) Delivery of Face-to-Face Teaching for a University Award Policy

Document Number000630
Date Approved17 August 2005

This policy applies from 1 January, 2005


Off-Campus delivery of Face-to-Face teaching will normally be done with partner organisations and, in such cases, the following will apply:

1. Before a contract is signed, the viability of the program must be stated through an approved Business Plan. Preparation of the Business Plan is the responsibility of the Program Convenor.

2.  Faculties and teaching and learning resources with partners must be checked to ensure students will receive similar support to those on campus.

3.  A University Program Convenor is appointed for the Program.

4.  All Courses on offer with the partner must be approved by the Faculty Board.

5.  The provisions of the contract must be consistent with University policy with regard to all Teaching and Learning issues. and must have the following QA arrangements:

i. Students will be enrolled as University of Newcastle students;

ii. Partner teaching staff are checked and approved by the University. Any teaching staff employed by the partner must supply their Curriculum Vitae to the University of Newcastle which then has right of veto of appointment to teach a University program;

iii. Students should comply with University approved policies for admission and credit for the program concerned, including the provisions of the English Proficiency Policy 000104;

iv. Examinations will be conducted under University approval processes;

v. All examinations and assessments must be checked and approved by the University. If examinations are not set by the University they must be supplied to the course coordinator 6 weeks prior to the scheduled examination time. Protocols for examinations and assessments must be reported through the Course Assessment Return;

vi. Examinations and assessment items sampled and moderated with sampling procedure at University discretion;

vii. The Program Convenor or nominee will visit the site at least twice a year but in different teaching terms, observe face-to-face teaching, talk to students, and observe student support mechanisms;

viii. Where projects or dissertations are involved with the award a member of the University's academic staff must be appointed as a supervisor of each student to ensure the quality of project and supervision as for other on campus students;

ix. Where a clinical or professional placement is required, a local supervisor, appropriately qualified in the discipline must be appointed. A University staff member must be appointed to liaise with the local supervisor(s) to ensure the quality of the placement experience;

x. Final results for all courses will be approved by the University;

6.  A University Course Coordinator is appointed for each Course;

7.  Learning support arrangements must be organized at the site with the partner to ensure support to a similar level to all courses in the Program on offer to on-campus students;

8.  The Program Convenor should discuss the questions in the Checklist of Learning Support Arrangements (listed in Annex 15) with the Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning, and the questions in the Checklist of Student Administration and Support (listed in Annex 16) with the  Academic Registrar, or nominee;

9.  Course materials will be supplied to the partner as per the online and distance education policy;

10.  All examination and assessment items will be moderated by the Course Coordinator. The sampling procedure will be determined by the University;

11.  The Partner must administer the Student Evaluation of Course Questionnaire to the student before the end of teaching - every two years (or at least every second offering of the course, whichever is more frequent) and data must be supplied to the University for evaluation;

12.  The Course Assessment Return must be completed by the Course Coordinator in discussion with the partner's teaching staff. Approval of the Course Assessment Return by the School Assessment body must be given prior to the approval of results by the Head of School and before students are given their final results;

13.  The Program Convenor will write a report (to a maximum of 5 pages) annually on the academic operations with the partner. This report will go through the Faculty Curriculum Teaching and Learning Committee to the Faculty Boards and to Academic Senate.

These reports should include the following:

  • numbers of students at various levels;
  • commencing student numbers against targets with the business plan;
  • progress rates with comments;
  • attrition rates with comments;
  • summary comments on the Course Assessment Returns for the core courses clearly showing any high failure rates or outstanding students;
  • comments on learning support services with details of scholarly information resources, online access to information, and support for “at risk” students;
  • any administrative problems;
  • any changes needed to the program;
  • a report on the moderation processes undertaken;
  • a report on progress against the Business Plan; and
  • outcomes of site visits.

14.  The learning outcomes (including graduate attributes) of any online or distance education course must be the same as any on campus equivalent. The combination of assessment items must test the same learning outcomes (graduate attributes) regardless of mode of delivery of the Course.

15.  Program Operations will be reviewed by the University every 3 years. This should include at least one independent Academic person not involved with the Program or Faculty.

16. If for any reason the relationship with a partner is terminated then the students need to be “taught out” at the site, that is until enrolled students complete their award.

Approval AuthorityAcademic Senate
Date Approved17 August 2005
Policy SponsorDeputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Policy OwnerDirector, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Policy ContactDirector, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Amendment History

Minor amendments to change the Policy Sponsor to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) to reflect structural changes from 1 January 2013 and added hyperlink to English Proficiency Policy 000104 (amended title), The Secretariat, 10 May 2013.

Amended February 2008 to align with policy changes approved in 2007.