Courtesy Titles Policy

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Date Approved29 August 2008

1.      Introduction

Under the University’s Rules Governing Officers of the University 000243 Council has authority to confer the title of Professor as a courtesy title.

This policy supports that provision by establishing the principles which will guide the conferring of such titles. It should be read in conjunction with the Rule and the related documents listed below

2.      Policy Intent

To establish the principles which govern the conferring of a courtesy title by the University.

3.      Definitions

In the context of this policy:

conjoint appointment means appointment of a person who is not employed by the University of Newcastle but who makes a significant contribution to the teaching, research and academic activities of the University without remuneration in the form of salary.

courtesy title means an academic title conferred by the University on a distinguished academic outside the normal appointment/promotion process  and either subsequent to their service to the University, or for the term of their appointment as a visiting or conjoint appointee;

visiting appointment means appointment of an academic who is invited from an interstate or overseas institution to contribute to the activities of the University without remuneration in the form of salary.

4.      Policy Principles


4.1.     Professor Emeritus

i.         Council has the authority to confer the title of Professor Emeritus on a former Professor of the University deemed to have rendered outstanding service - including, but not exclusively academic service - to the University.

ii.       Equally, Council may withdraw the title Professor Emeritus.

iii.      Nominees for the title of Professor Emeritus will be assessed in line with established “Guidelines for the Preparation and Assessment of Nominations for the Awarding of the Title Professor Emeritus”.

4.1.     Visiting Professor, Conjoint Professor, Clinical Professor

i.         Council may confer the title of Visiting Professor, Conjoint Professor, Clinical Professor or any other courtesy academic title on such persons and in such circumstances as it may from time to time determine.

ii.       Under the University’s Honorary Appointments Policy 000408 the Vice- Chancellor may approve the award of a prescribed Conjoint, Visiting or Honorary title.

4.2.     Constraints

A Professor Emeritus or the holder of a courtesy academic title is not - by virtue solely of holding that title - to be entitled to membership of Academic Senate or any other University body.

4.3.     Entitlements

i.         Emeritus Professors are recognised as such for life and may continue to use the general facilities of the University such as its Library and Computing Services.

ii.       The courtesy title of Visiting Professor, Conjoint Professor or Clinical Professor is for a fixed term - tied to the duration of the appointee’s visit or appointment.

iii.      For the term of the appointment or visit, the holder of the title of Conjoint, Visiting or Clinical Professor will have access to the University’s general facilities including Library and Computing Services.

iv.     In addition a Conjoint, Visiting or Clinical Professor: (i) will have access to the resources of the School / Faculty responsible for their appointment; and (ii) will participate in such activities of the School or Faculty as the Head of that School or Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty (as the case may be) may approve.

5.      Essential Supporting Documents

Guidelines and Form for Preparation and Assessment of Nominations for Award of Title: Emeritus Professor

University Officers - Rule 000243

Honorary Appointments - Policy 000408

Appointment of Conjoints - Guideline 000067

 Visiting Appointment Guidelines - Guideline 000378

Approval AuthorityCouncil
Date Approved29 August 2008
Date for Review29 August 2011
Policy SponsorVice-Chancellor
Policy OwnerDirector, Human Resource Services
Policy ContactManager, Human Resource Services