Appointment as 'Laureate Professor' Policy

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Date Approved3 November 2008

1.      Introduction

1.1.     The University created the title of Laureate Professor in 2005 as an accolade for its most distinguished academics.

2.      Policy Intent

2.1.     The award of the title of Laureate Professor is a means of recognising a Professor of the University or a prospective appointee for the exceptional distinction of their academic achievements.

3.      Scope

3.1.     The University may offer a Laureate Professorship to a current Professor of the University; or to an exceptional prospective appointee.

3.2.     The number of Laureate Professors shall not usually exceed 5% of the total number of Level E appointments within the University.

4.      Authority to Propose and Appoint as Laureate Professor

4.1.     The award of the title of Laureate Professor shall be made by Council on the recommendation of an Award Committee.

4.2.     Proposals for the award of the title of Laureate Professor shall come from the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the relevant Faculty.

4.3.     Any proposal that a member of staff or exceptional appointee merits the award of the title of Laureate Professor shall be considered by an Award Committee comprising:

a.        the Vice-Chancellor;

b.        the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic);

c.         the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research);

d.        The President of Academic Senate;

e.        The Pro Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty in which the School is located; and

f.           no fewer than three external scholars distinguished in their  discipline, and appointed by the Vice-Chancellor;

provided that no person who is the subject of the proposal shall be a member of the Award Committee or have a conflict of interest.

4.4.     In the case of a nominee who is a prospective appointee to the University, the Award Committee may act as the Selection Committee for the proposed appointment.

5.      Criteria for the Award of the Title of Laureate Professor

5.1.     The criteria for the award of the title shall be exceptional distinction in scholarship which may be demonstrated by:

a.        an impressive portfolio of major publications with international publishers and world class journals;

b.        international recognition such as prizes, awards, patents, honours, membership of one of the Australian learned academies or comparable organisations;

c.         citation by a broad cross-section of peers internationally;

d.        reports of referees, of which the majority are (if appropriate) international; and

e.        evaluation of future potential and of benefits to the University's profile.

6.      Term of Award of the title of Laureate Professor

6.1.     The title of Laureate Professor will be awarded for a term of up to a maximum of 5 years.

6.2.     Six months prior to the end of the term of an award, the performance of the Laureate Professor will be reviewed by an Award Committee (as constituted in Clause 4.3). That committee may, if satisfied as to the Laureate Professor’s performance, renew the award of the title for a further period of up to 5 years.

6.3.     The award of the title of Laureate Professor may be withdrawn at any time by Council on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor. If the Laureate Professor has, for example, committed any breach or suspected breach of policy or any conduct which, in the opinion of the University, is likely to bring the University or any of its related entities into disrepute the title may be withdrawn.

7.      Emeritus Laureate Professor

7.1.     A member of staff who holds the title Laureate Professor at the time of retirement, may, at the discretion of Council, be accorded the title Emeritus Laureate Professor.

8.      Monetary Arrangements

8.1.     Laureate Professors receive a professorial salary plus a loading which is superannuable. That loading will be determined by the Vice-Chancellor, in consultation with the Pro Vice-Chancellor of the relevant Faculty. The Faculty will be responsible for the full employment cost.

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Date Approved3 November 2008
Date for Review3 November 2011
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Updated by Vice-Chancellor 3 November 2008

Amendment of 4.3, 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 approved by the Vice-Chancellor 5 May 2010