Student Indebtedness Policy

Document Number000343
Date Approved10 September 2007

1.      Introduction


This policy supports The Rules Governing Graduation and the University’s procedures in relation to re-enrolment.

2.      Policy Intent


To identify the constraints that student indebtedness imposes on students and graduates.

3.      Policy

3.1.     A student may become indebted to the University as a consequence of failure to:

                                 i.          pay certain  approved charges;

                                ii.          pay penalties associated with breaches of University policies and regulations relating, but not confined to traffic and parking, or the use of the library; and/or

                              iii.          meet repayments on loans granted to the student.

3.2.     No candidate for a degree or diploma of the University shall:

                                 i.          be admitted to that degree or awarded that diploma; or

                                ii.          be given documentary evidence of his/her academic record or standing in the University;

   if the candidate has not discharged or has not made arrangements acceptable to one of the following: the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) or the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Services), for the discharge of any such indebtedness.

3.3.     Students who are indebted will not be allowed to access results or (with the exception of Research Higher Degree candidates) be permitted to re-enrol, unless they have made arrangements acceptable to one of the following: the Vice-Chancellor; the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic; the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research;  or the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Services, for the discharge of any such debt.

3.4.     Research Higher Degree candidates will be permitted to re-enrol provided their debt is no more than $250.

4.      Essential Supporting Documents

 Rules Governing Graduation

Approval AuthorityVice-Chancellor
Date Approved10 September 2007
Date for Review10 September 2010
Policy SponsorDeputy Vice-Chancellor (Services)
Policy OwnerAcademic Registrar
Policy ContactManager, Fees and Scholarships
Amendment History

Amended by Vice-Chancellor 10 September 2007