Code of Conduct Policy

Document Number000059
Date Approved28 November 2008
Date Last Amended5 February 2014

About the code

NOTE: The following is an extract from the Code of Conduct.  Please click  here to download the full document.

The University of Newcastle is firmly committed to the principles of cooperation, collaboration, inclusion, flexibility and innovation.

As a result, the University is a model for integrity, excellence, achievement and has a clear sense of identity.  This Code of Conduct is critical in reinforcing these principles and outcomes.

The code aims to maintain public trust and confidence in the integrity and professionalism of our graduates, the teaching and learning, research and research training, and community service activities of the University and the facilities and services that make up the University experience.

This code applies to students, staff, conjoints, volunteers, University Council members and external members of University committees, who are to uphold the values and comply with the code in their studies, the performance of their duties and in their endeavours.  Partners, contractors and visitors are to acknowledge and observe the code in their University dealings.

The code should be read in conjunction with the rules, policies, procedures and guidelines located in the University Policy Library. The code cannot address every situation that may be encountered. Therefore, if faced with a difficulty, individuals should ask for guidance and support from a senior staff member or refer to one of the resources listed at the back of the Code of Conduct document.

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Approval AuthorityCouncil
Date Approved28 November 2008
Date Last Amended5 February 2014
Policy ContactDirector, Human Resource Services
Amendment History

Administrative Amendments 5 February 2014 - updates reflect NeW Directions; changes to policy names reflect current policy titles; Changes to University and external source names and web links reflect current titles

Minor amendment and addition to Related Links, Governance and Policy, 7 November 2012.

Added Related Document - Conflict of Interest Guideline for Research Higher Degree Supervisors 000950 approved 18 May 2011.

This Code of Conduct replaces the previous version which was approved on 31 October 1997.