Bachelor of Finance (1) Schedule

Document Number000043

Faculty of Business and Law

Qualification for the Degree

1. To qualify for admission to the degree, a candidate shall complete a program approved by the Academic Senate totalling not less than 240 units, and including:

(a) the Core Courses prescribed for the program;

(b) a Major Sequence of courses approved for the program;

(c) not more than 100 units from 1000 level courses; and

(d) at least 60 units from 3000 level courses.

2. Where two approved Major Sequences are completed, an overlap of not more than 20 units is permitted between Major Sequence courses at 3000 level.



(1) A graduate of the University, or of another institution, may be granted credit by the Pro Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Head of School in courses totalling not more than 120 units.

(2) An undergraduate may be granted credit in courses totalling not more than 120 units, except that credit for additional courses may be allowed in the case of an undergraduate transferring from another program in the University.


NOTE 1:  No further intake into the Bachelor of Finance from 2008 (Academic Senate, AS07:130, 3 October 2007).