A PhD scholarship to investigate the impact of ‘variety-support’ in three primary physical activity settings for adolescents

PhD Scholarship: The impact of variety in physical activity settings in adolescents

Friday, 17 March 2017

A PhD scholarship is available for The Variety Study: An examination of the impact of ‘variety-support’ on autonomous motivation and well-being in adolescents in key physical activity settings, under the supervision of Dr Narelle Eather.

The overarching aim of this study is to investigate the impact of providing ‘variety-support’ in three primary physical activity settings; including group exercise classes, secondary school physical education, and community sport, on motivation, engagement and well-being in adolescents.

In conducting this research project you will:

  1. Create new knowledge regarding the value of variety as a unique and complimentary psychological experience within Self-Determination Theory (SDT)
  2. Provide evidence-based recommendations for improving the delivery of exercise programs, PE and community sport programs, to motivate and engage adolescents.
  3. Produce a scale for the measurement of variety-support for adolescents


Scholarship value: $26,282 p.a., indexed in January each year. The scholarship is for a period of 3 and a half years commencing no later than November 2017.


1. Bachelor Degree in Health and Physical Education / Sports Science / Human Movement / Health or related field

2. Honours (Class 1 or equivalent) or Masters Degree or GPA of 5.25 or higher (with relevant research experience)

This scholarship is for domestic students.


Interested applicants are advised to send an email expressing their interest.

Contact: Dr Narelle Eather
Email: narelle.eather@newcastle.edu.au
Phone: 0425302312


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