A PhD Scholarship is available to investigate Serious Games to Improve Critical Thinking/Decision Making.

PhD Scholarship - Serious Games to Improve Critical Thinking / Decision Making

Monday, 13 February 2017

A PhD Scholarship is available for a student to investigate serious games to improve critical thinking / decision making under the supervision of Dr Karen Blackmore.

The growing use of 'serious games' to engage students and learners, and improve training outcomes, has resulted in this exciting fully funded PhD opportunity. This project will allow a PhD candidate to work with the Australian Defence Force Academy (through the Australian Defence College Simulation Centre) to conduct research that will see the introduction of a serious game(s) to benefit the training of ADFA Trainee Officers, and possibly the ADF Chaplains College.   The project will involve investigating existing “off the shelf“ game environment(s), developing appropriate training activities within the environment(s), and evaluating the cognitive/behavioural efficacy of the the approach. Potential for profiling of cognitive/behavioural types and biases also exists. Depending on the expertise and/or interests of candidate, the project may focus on equity and diversity (i.e. ethics, morals, unconscious bias) or decision making processes and/or cognitive load. Experimental research method, to evaluate the efficacy of the trialled approach, is critical to the project.


ECR HDR Scholarship as part of UON Research Advantage. The value of this scholarship is $26,682 per annum in 2017, indexed in January each year. The scholarship is for a period of three years, with the possibility of a six-month extension.


To apply, you will need a strong background in experimental research, and expertise in one of the following areas: psychology, information technology, computer science and education. Please note that this opportunity is restricted to Australian citizens.


Interested applicants are advised to contact Dr Karen Blackmore - details below.

Contact: Dr Karen Blackmore
Email: karen.blackmore@newcastle.edu.au
Phone: 02 4921 5206


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