A scholarship offer to assess the response and stability of algae-bacteria consortia to environmental stresses

PHD Scholarship: Assessing the response and stability of algae-bacteria consortia to environmental stresses

Thursday, 16 March 2017

A PhD scholarship is available for a student to investigate algal−bacterial associations in biotechnical applications such as bioremediation and biomass production, under the supervision of Suresh Subashchandrabose

An algal−bacterial association has several advantages, and these are crucial for biotechnological application. In this relationship, microalgae supply oxygen, a major limiting factor in the bioremediation process, and consume carbon dioxide, which is the primary greenhouse gas released by bacteria during the bioremediation of organic contaminants.

The association between algae with bacteria enhances growth of algae an important parameter for their biotechnological application. Stability of the algal−bacterial consortium is essential for various commercial applications including bioremediation and biomass production.

As part of this investigation various biochemical, physiological and genomic tools will be used to assess the performance of consortia to various stresses.


ECR HDR Candidate Scholarship. Scholarship value: $26,282 p.a., indexed in January each year. The scholarship is for a period of 3 and a half years.


Candidate must have Honours class one or equivalent in Biology or Chemistry. Scholarship is open to both domestic and international candidates.


Interested applicants are advised to send an email expressing their interest.

Contact: Dr Suresh Subashchandrabose
Email: ksuresh.subashchandrabose@newcastle.edu.au
Phone: 02 49138744


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