Student Feedback on Courses is the student's opportunity to have a say in the student experience and education at The University of Newcastle.

Student Feedback on Courses

05 June 2014

Student Feedback on Courses surveys play a vital role in improving the student experience and education at The University of Newcastle.

The benefits of completing the Student Feedback on Courses surveys

The University of Newcastle uses student feedback to improve the student experience. The Student Feedback on Courses survey is one the most important ways of improving the student experience at UoN. It provides students the opportunity to celebrate good practice, as well as identify those things that might need improvement.

Since changes in the way the SCF were implemented in 2009 student satisfaction levels have improved markedly across the university. UoN students and graduates now rank as some of the most satisfied in Australia. And the University of Newcastle is also now rated considerably higher in World Ranking systems.

These improvements show that the SFC is not just a number. Your ranking and comments lead to real change that benefits both students and staff. 

Courses with positive feedback are viewed as opportunities for celebration and collaboration – sharing practices and resources to offer greater student experience, and supporting others to improve. Thanks to student feedback, the University has implemented the following, among many other initiatives:

  • extra support for teaching staff to improve courses and programs, including one on one support for teaching staff, peer review and mentoring, workshops and bespoke advice
  • improved student support – increased access to information through PIES, student mentoring, mySupport, PASS, and UoNline
  • improved IT infrastructure - increased Wi-Fi access across the university; better planning and maintenance of systems; the launch of MyUoN to provide one interface for all online systems and more hardware
  • new and refurbished student social spaces, Survival Stations, the planning of new student areas and refurbishment of learning spaces
  • healthier and more affordable food options – new menus and many new food outlets on campus, and some really cheap options
  • supporting student health and wellbeing – including healthy University initiatives such as bicycle hubs and pathways, Health Fairs and the Callaghan Campus pharmacy
  • improved lighting, shuttle busses, and enhanced security (police data shows the University is now one of the safest places to be in Newcastle!)

However, the most important improvement is in the student learning experience and the massive improvements in how our graduates rate their experience at UON: student satisfaction continues to grow. By providing feedback through the SFC you can help improve student experience for yourself, and your fellow students at UON. Simply log in to myUoN to complete the SFC today.