New exhibition at the University Gallery: The art of collecting, 22 March - 18 April

Coming soon to the University Gallery: The Art of Collecting

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The art of collecting presents a survey of works produced in the Newcastle region over a period of almost twenty years. Drawn from the personal holdings of a Newcastle-based collector, the exhibition offers a unique snapshot of the region’s visual arts sector over the last two decades. The University Gallery is delighted to profile such a unique and diverse collection, featuring well-known names in contemporary art alongside a number of emerging and unknown artists.

Every work in this exhibition tells a story, and there is often a personal relationship or history behind the objects on display. Frequently they are narratives about the artists themselves, or the gallerist who represented them, or how the works were acquired. At other times they are accounts of historical events, or movements in contemporary art that are captured in the piece itself.

Guided by personal interest and taste, this collection has been gradually built up piece by piece, layer by layer, drawing parallels to art practice as it has informed our region. The art of collecting examines the nature of collecting, the impulses that drive collectors to gather works over many years, and the ways in which collections can be rich interpretive sources for social, visual and local histories.

Exhibition dates: 22 March - 8 April 2017

Exhibition opening at the University Gallery: Saturday 25 March from 2pm

IMAGE Peter Gardiner, Mayfield, 2014, oil on convex ground, 61cm diameter, with thanks to Ian Anderson. Private Collection