Site security and custom metadata

Site security

If you want to choose who should have access to your site want your site then you can select those groups and protect your site from everyone else. You can select either of the following options:

  • Ristrict to roles
    • Students
    • Staff
    • Students and staff
  • Restrict to users

Restrict to roles

To restrict access by role, select the Site Security box checkbox. By default, CMS2 will display the security settings to Restrict to Roles. To restrict access to only students or only staff select the corresponding checkbox. To restrict access to students and staff click both checkboxes.

CMS2 screenshot showing the options to restrict a site to a users role

Restrict to users

To Restrict to Users click the plus (+) icon to the right of the Security Constraints heading and select Restrict to Users from the drop down menu. The enter a list of comma separated ids into the box provided. For example, u00, u01, u02.

CMS2 screenshot showing the options to restrict a site to a users id

Resource security

CMS2 screenshot showing the restricted resources file structure

You can also protect a resource from certain audiences without needing to secure the entire site that contains the link to the resource. For example, you may want to secure a sensitive PDF or Word document.

To restrict access to a particular resource you must place your resource within the /Resources/Restricted directory and then under the desired audience, for example:

  • /Resources/Restricted/All (to restrict to staff and students)
  • /Resources/Restricted/Staff (to restrict to staff only)
  • /Resources/Restricted/Students (to restrict to students only)

To use this feature for the first time please contact to organise security permissions.

Custom metadata

CMS2 also allows you to define custom metadata for your site.

CMS2 screen showing the custom metadata options

Site security and custom metadata are advanced features, if you have any questions regarding these features please contact