Course Reserves (Short Loans)

Formerly known as Short Loans, this service provides a way of accessing required course readings in either Print or Electronic format.

Resources are linked to individual course codes through our Library Catalogue (NEWCAT+)

Currently there have been Exception Errors for certain Course Codes within Course Reserves, please see the following entry on the Library Blog for more details

Information for Students

Your course coordinator/lecturer will identify essential readings which are then compiled into a list under your course code eg: INFO1010

You are able to access this list through a Library Catalogue (NEWCAT+) search. See the example below

3 Step guide to searching Course Reserves (pdf)

Information for Staff

When submitting items into the Course Reserves, the following information is very useful. 

1 week loans

This category is for recommended reading materials which are not required for Course Reserves. These items are shelved amongst the general collection. We encourage you to make use of this loan period to help maintain the effective operation of the Course Reserves Collection and to ensure students have reasonable access to popular items without restricting borrowing to a 2 hour period.