City Library

City campus libraryThe City Precinct Library collection includes resources for  Business and Law and Music. It includes  specialist collections focusing on classical European and Australian contemporary music, music therapy and ethnomusicology.

The Information Desk and newspapers are located in the Library on Level 1. A general purpose computing lab is available adjacent to the Library.

We're moving to NeW Space

The Library is moving to the University's landmark NeW Space precinct. You may have already noticed some changes as we prepare collections for the move. The Library will open in the NeW Space in early July. View a fly-through and find out more about NeW Space.

City Hub Information Common (CHIC)

The CHIC provides access to scholarly information and resources in a relaxed, individual or group work space.

Wireless and laptop facilities, access to PCs and Macs, printing and photocopying are available. Rovers assist with basic IT support. A café is located adjacent to the CHIC on the ground floor.

Swipe card access is required for entry after hours .