Submission Guidelines

Popular Entertainment Studies is published electronically twice a year and accepts submissions of scholarly articles throughout the year. These should be preceded by an abstract of up to 150 words and a list of up to 10 keywords in alphabetical order. Contributions should generally be between 5000 and 7000 words in length including endnotes, but excluding abstract and keywords. Longer or shorter pieces of particular significance may be considered at the editors' discretion. Before formally submitting an article you should send an expression of interest to the General Editor. When you are ready to submit your work you will need to enter the journal article submission workflow by using the For Authors link. You will be asked to set up a login and password and then you will be guided through the five step submission process.

Please submit two electronic copies of your work. One should include your name and affiliation following the title, e.g.:

Popular entertainment and the crisis of modernity
Victor Emeljanow, University of Newcastle, Australia

together with a brief biographical note (no more than 2-3 sentences). The other copy should have no name, affiliation, or other identifying information, so as to facilitate anonymous peer review. If your contribution is accepted for publication, you may choose to have an email link included for respondents to contact you.

The submission checklist will also ask you to confirm that your work has not been published previously and has not been simultaneously submitted elsewhere for possible publication. (If previously published, you will need to explain why you believe the work merits re-publication in Popular Entertainment Studies.)

Please ensure that the documents are formatted in Microsoft Word or RTF document file format. For additional explanatory notes and references, use automatic endnotes, indicated via superscript numerals (1-2-3 format) in the body of the text, placed immediately after the end of a clause or sentence (i.e. following a comma or full stop). Long quotations over three lines in length should be indented from both margins without quotation marks and set apart from the main body of the text via a blank line above and below. The text should be single-spaced; use a 12-point font; and employ italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses). Where available, URLs for the references should be provided; please include, if available, the last date the site was updated, as well as the date you accessed the site. Please note that the journal prefers to follow the Chicago style for referencing. For a quick guide to the Chicago style, go to:



Authors are individually responsible for obtaining any necessry copyright permissions for images, photos, or other materials reproduced in their articles and for including any required credits. Copyright clearance for their use must be lodged with the journal if your submission is accepted for publication. If you intend to submit images with your article, please insert them in your text and, as well, send a separate file of images only clearly marked. They should conform to the following guidelines:

  • The preferred image format is JPG, with a resolution of 72dpi (screen not print resolution).
  • Images should be under 100KB.
  • Portrait images should be a maximum of 600 pixels in height, with equivalent width dimension.
  • Landscape images should be a maximum of 700 pixels in width, with equivalent height dimension.