Offers of admission and unsuccessful notices will be available on the UAC website from January of the year of commencement.

Two students with skeleton model, three students in the background looking at X-Rays

Offers of admission

Offers of admission and unsuccessful notices will be sent out by UAC in January 2016. Applicants will receive an offer for the highest listed UAC preference for which they are eligible. Information concerning the offer rounds, including the release dates for each offer round, will be listed in the UAC 2016 Guide and on the UAC website.

Offers of admission to the Bachelor of Medicine will include a notice to applicants stating which university (University of Newcastle or University of New England) to which they have been successful at gaining entry. 

Transfers between the University of Newcastle and University of New England will only be considered under compassionate circumstances that have arisen after the acceptance of admission and commencement of study at the initial medical school.