Selection for JMP is based on performance in UMAT written test, the JMP Multiple Skills Assessment, and the online Personal Qualities Assessment.

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Selection process

Main round interview dates to be held from 23 November to 4 December, 2015.

The JMP considers personal qualities to be just as important and influential to the learning and practice of medicine as academic ability. This is reflected in our admission and selection processes.

Each year there is a large number of students applying for the 170 places in the JMP. Our selection process is a way of ensuring these positions are offered to candidates most likely to be successful doctors. We have improved our selection process to allow a more accurate assessment of a candidate's capabilities to learn in an independent environment and to ultimately excel in the field of medicine. Selection process

Selection is based on performance in UMAT written test, the JMP Multiple Skills Assessment (previously MMI), the online Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA) and satisfy a minimum academic requirement.  

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For a handy overview of the program, download our Joint Medical Program booklet (PDF)

Required UMAT Score

Applicants will now be required to achieve a threshold score of 50 in each UMAT subtest. UMAT scores can be used for admission ONLY in the year following the test.

JMP Assessments Multiple Skills Assessment (MSA)  and Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA).

The JMP assessment requires applicants to attend for one day at either the University of Newcastle or University of New England and complete the MSA and online PQA.

All applicants from NSW, Queensland, ACT and rural applicants from other states who score the required level in UMAT (see above) will be invited to attend between 23 November and 4 December, 2015. MSA and PQA will be conducted between 28 and 29 January, 2016 for non-rural interstate applicants ONLY.

Applicants eligible to attend the JMP assessment will be invited by email, letter or by telephone. Only those applicants who are required will be contacted. Applicants who have not been contacted by the end of October should assume that they are not required.

Applicants who are invited and who fail to attend on the specified date/location, will be regarded as having withdrawn their application unless an adequate explanation for non-attendance is provided in writing. Although no guarantee is given, every effort will be made to reschedule to an alternative day within the same period, those applicants who provide an adequate explanation. Applicants who are scheduled to attend during November/December must undertake their assessment during this period; they will not be permitted to change to the January period unless they can demonstrate extenuating circumstances. There is no guarantee requests will be granted.

Only those applicants who have attended the JMP assessment will be considered for final selection.

Proof of identity

As with UMAT, applicants are required to provide photographic proof of identity when they attend for interview. Applicants who fail to present acceptable photographic identification will not be able to undertake MSA or PQA.

Multiple Skills Assessment (MSA)

The MSA (previously MMI) involves a candidate rotating through a circuit of eight stations discussing various scenarios with an interviewer and/ or undertaking various activities.

Preferred MSA location

Applicants are requested to indicate their preferred MSA location in the online JMP direct university application. In 2015 the JMP assessments will be conducted on set dates at either the University of Newcastle (Newcastle campus – Callaghan) or the University of New England (Armidale). Although every effort will be made there is no guarantee that an individual will be allocated to their highest ranked MSA location preference. The location allocated to a candidate has no bearing on the final enrolment location that may be offered. This is a good opportunity to visit a campus you may not be familiar with and may help you decide at which campus you wish to enrol.

The MSA will only be conducted at the University of Newcastle and University of New England during the designated periods. It is NOT possible for interviews to be conducted at an alternative location, via telephone, via teleconference or outside the set periods.

Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA)

Candidates will be required to complete an online assessment of personal qualities known as the PQA on the same day as their allocated MSA session.

The PQA is an online instrument designed to assess a range of personal qualities considered to be important for the study and practise of medicine. Visit the PQA website for more details.

Minimum academic requirement

Candidates must attain a specified level of achievement in their studies. Information regarding the specific requirements will be available in late May. In addition please note that candidates who wish to be considered under the "Applications based on University Results" category must have completed a minimum of one full-time year (EFTSL = 1), or equivalent part time, in a single program of approved study at a higher education institution. Study undertaken across two or more programs cannot be combined to satisfy the one full-time year of study requirement. Credit granted in a program of study is not taken into account when calculating the full-time study load.