iLEAD is a free, extra-curricular Leadership Program that enables you to participate in additional activities on top of your degree studies.

Join iLEAD

Students on exchange 

To join iLEAD, complete the online induction below and then self-enrol in the iLEAD Blackboard site.

The iLEAD Program is administered via the iLEAD Blackboard site.

What is the online induction?

The online induction provides you with important information required to complete the iLEAD program including the development of your iLEAD portfolio.

How long does the online induction take?

The online induction should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and is an essential part of the program.

Complete the Online Induction

How do I self enrol in Blackboard?

  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Go to the 'Previous Course Sites' tab (2nd tab along the top) and enter 'iLEAD' into 'Search Other Sites' 
  3. Below the Organisation ID, there is a grey drop-down arrow. Click on the arrow and select 'Enrol' followed by 'Submit'
  4. The iLEAD Blackboard site should now be available

Note: You can only complete the above steps if you are a current student and your account is active.