Test day information and results

Schedule for the day

Below is an example of a schedule for a typical test day:

8.00am - Registration
9am - Listening, Reading and Writing tests start, followed by time for lunch
1pm - Speaking tests start

Speaking Tests will be scheduled between 1 pm and 5 pm on the test date. Local candidates can do the Speaking test on the day before the test date (Friday).

Speaking test times will be given on the desk label in the morning test. Speaking registration is 30 minutes before your test time at room LC2.34, The Language Centre.


IELTS registration and tests are held in the Language Centre on the Callaghan (Newcastle) campus.

Find the Language Centre on the Campus Map.

The University has a large campus, and it is advised to locate the building and rooms early. Signs will be in place from 8am.

What to bring

  • Passport for registration - Candidates who cannot satisfy staff of their identity will not be allowed to take the test. IELTS Australia will be notified of suspected imposters.
  • During semester the food outlet in the Auchmuty library is open on Saturdays. If your test is scheduled outside of normal semester dates you must bring your own food. 
  • Do not bring valuable items. A locked bag room is available. The University of Newcastle does not take responsibility for your personal items.

Test Results

Results are available at the IELTS website 13 days after the test. Results will be available here for 28 days after the test.

Your Test Report Form will be available for collection from our IELTS office on the 13th day after the test, from 11am. Please bring your passport for ID. If results are not collected on this day, they will be posted to the address on your application.

Enquiry On Results

You can apply for a remark of your results within six weeks of your test date. There is a fee of $176, which will not be deducted from your credit card if your band score changes. Please complete the Enquiry on Results Form and the Payment Options form and return with your original Test Result Form. For further information please refer to the Enquiry on Results Information.